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I have an inhaler, thanks to wrysprygoat.  :)  I need to give it back when I've got my prescription on Tuesday, so will most likely pass it to herringprincess on Wednesday evening.

Ahhh... clear lungs!

So, yes.  Paul has gone to play badminton with Drew, hopefully to be a weekly thing as part of his new 'exercise regime'.  I will clean the kitchen floor and probably do the washing up and give the bathroom a bit of a clean as well, after this entry and when I've cooled down a bit.  It's a lovely day. I went out to get toilet roll and pick up said inhaler from Drew, and ended up having to take my coat off.  Also, I've put the washing outside to dry for the first time since we moved in.  Which reminds me, I must collect all the stuff from upstairs as well...

Early this afternoon I watched Birth.  I admit to having zoned out for about 10 minutes in the middle because it was slow-moving and a bit confusing, but what I saw was very good.  I have no frelling clue what it all means, but I think some of it was quite daring.  Might try and watch it again if I get chance, as I think it would benefit from further viewings...

I have nothing much else to say.  I am currently working through reading all of Midasgirl's fic on FFN, as I was out of the fanfic-loop for so long I missed an entire story.  And then I'll work on reading Reine's.  I really want to get back into fanfiction again.  I stayed up to finish reading a story last night until five to one in the morning, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was.  The emotions run so much higher in the small hours, and it makes the whole experience much more satisfying.

Ho hum. Chores to do, anyway.  Also need to change the bed and vacuum the mattress...
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