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I am now exhausted, but at least the problem areas have had a bit of a spring clean.  I have done the following:

~ done washing up.

~ brought down clean, dry washing from clothes rack in attic.

~ brought in washing from outside.

~ changed bed linen, and hoovered mattress.

~ cleaned up bloody mess (literally) from the leg of lamb which is currently defrosting.  This is the one downside of being a carnivore...

~ swept and mopped kitchen floor.

~ cleaned bathroom sink, edge of bath and toilet.  It is now white again.  It's terrifying the amount of grime and dust it accumulates when one isn't looking.

Still to do:

~ put clean washing up away.

~ put clean washing away.

~ cook myself dinner at some point, and put Paul's in the fridge for later, as he has now gone out with Alex...  He has more energy than me after exercise, that's for sure...

~ collapse.

At least it's all done before Easter Sunday.  It's something of a tradition in my mum's house that everywhere has to be CLEAN and TIDY before Christmas and Easter.  I'm sort of there with the clean (these carpers, being dark blue, constantly look like they need vacuuming even though they have been) and mostly there with the tidy, within reason considering the boxes.  I might have another tidy up when I've had a sit down and a drink.

Ahhh, cleeean.
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