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Don't worry, I'm not ranting this time. ;)

So.  I did a Google image search earlier on the kind of style I was thinking of.  This is a modern version of what I was thinking of, and this is a photo of Louise Brooks.

The problem is that these styles are characterised by a severe fringe.  Fringes and me Do Not Get Along.  My natural hairline falls into a centre parting (even when it's short) and I'm not sure if it would hold a fringe for very long.

Images under the cut.  One is for possibly only jackiesjottings's interest, as I said I would post a photo of my hair's current length before I cut it, and the other is a (badly) photoshopped version of what I might look like with Louise Brooks' hair.

Current hair:

Mock-up of hair I want:

I don't think it suits me, but that might be just because it's not really my hair in the photo.  The last bob I had looked really nice, but that didn't have a fringe and was nicely layered.  I'm sort of half-considering a modern version of the 1920s style with the 'diagonal' cut where it's shorter at the back and long at the front. I can't decide whether it would frame my face well or just make it look even fatter than it does in that photograph... :(

Any suggestions, anyone?
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