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Given that today is Friday the 13th, I shouldn't be surprised that I feel like dren...

I went to bed at eleven after some LJ surfing and joining of another Most Haunted community, and took some Valerian because my back was hurting. I started to read my book and couldn't concentrate because my head was full of thoughts so I had to write them down.

So I did two paper journal entries on fandom and destiny (though I didn't finish the second one because Paul came home and I lost the train of thought) and eventually tried to get to sleep. This proved somewhat problematic because I couldn't find a comfortable place to lie that didn't twist my back in a painful manner...

I was just nodding off at about 1.00 when Paul decided he needed the loo and couldn't find the bathroom again. And then the rest of the night was spent sporadically waking up in pain or too hot, unable to get comfortable.

I am subsequently exhausted and STILL in pain, though have now taken co-codamol to try and help. Unfortunately my stomach is going through one of its being-starving-but-also-full phases and is making very interesting noises...

I apologise in advance to Alison for being inevitably very tired at her party and most likely not as enthusiastic as I could be... I'm going to leave getting my hair cut for a while and instead try to make a turban out of something...

I'll copy up the fandom thing that I wrote later...
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