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Spring Cleaning.

Today has been quite productive.  This morning I put some washing out to dry, and put the bed linen in to wash.  Messed around online for a bit, and then paul helped me put the bed linen out before we popped out to Somerfield to buy cheese.  Well, technically we went out for broccoli, but since the only cheese left in the drawer was parmesan, a cheese shop was overdue.

We came back with mature cheddar, wensleydale, red leicester and brie.  So at least now when we offer you cheese and biscuits, the options won't be "Er... oh.  Cheddar."

And then we had a bit of a spring clean.  Paul vaccuumed the stairs for me and then I did the landing and hallway, and we put boxes in the attic so the bit at the top of the stairs is now clear and ready to receive bookcases.  And once we have bookcases I'll be more inclined to sort through the boxes in the attic properly...

The washing has been brought in, also, because the neighbours are having a barbecue.  I am muchly looking forward to Alison's barbecue on the 19th, even though it does fall on the same day as my concert.  Barbecued food will be a nice reward, I think. :)  Oh, and if Alison is reading, there's a gas barbecue being sold for just under £60 at the discount 'miscellaenous furniture' store by McDonalds.  Failing that, apparently Somerfield are selling various types of barbecues quite cheap as well.

I am going to attempt to make a strawberry parfait for said barbecue, if I can get a tin to freeze it in.  I may make lemon cake as well.  It depends how creative or culinary I'm feeling. ;)

As mentioned yesterday, the overhead views of Birmingham on GoogleMaps are now in more detail, so in honour of the occasion, have some random icons:

Rather self-explanatory.

If anyone wants one (and you live in a well-developed area, i.e. not a small village in the middle of nowhere), gimme your postcode!  And any, er, distinguishing features about your house that I could spot from the air, i.e. "bright pink car on drive" or "second house after the gap" or something like that.  A house number won't really be any good ;)  They will obviously be subject to the level of zoomification that Google gives; most major cities seem to have a very close zoom level, but then there are sections of field where you can see each blade of grass, but not the house ten minutes down the road.  I suppose it depends on where the satellite is.

I will screen comments in case people are uber-paranoid about people stealing their postcodes.

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