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Warwick Castle photos.

The best (most of them) are under the cut.  Any blurriness can be attributed to them being taken with a disposable camera.  I had the negatives put straight onto a CD today sinced I still don't have a functional scanner.

That's a view of the castle (with Guy's Tower standing proud) from near the main entrance.

This is some men doing archery with longbows.  The slightly fatter man nearer to the camera (who you probably can't see very well) was demonstrating a crossbow earlier on, which was brand new and so powerful that it was skewing the arrows after launching them.  He was very very proud of it.

This is a view back towards the steel mill and water wheel, which is a relatively new exhibition.  We walked through this to kill time before the trebuchet show.  The water wheel was fairly huge, though.

The trebuchet itself can just about be seen at the end of the bridge, the sort of triangular structure with wheels and a big pole.  Not having a zoom is a pain in the arse.  It's an amazing piece of machinery.  There are two of those big wheels, each one containing two 'human hamsters' who walk within the wheels to raise a wooden box hanging from the bottom of the main arm (containing five tonnes of rocks), and also lowering the arm to a horizonal position.  The arm is then locked in place and the men walk in the opposite direction to slacken the rope (otherwise it'll snap when the trebuchet is fired).  Next, the ammunition is loaded into a net-like device on the end of the arm.  The key is removed, you stand well back, and pull the trigger: the wooden box full of rocks drops, the arm soars upwards, and the ammunition is lauched about a mile.

It's frelling brilliant. :)

It's a Victorian Boathouse, and that's all I know. It's presumably left over from when the castle was inhabited by the lesser royals (the Earl of Warwick and his family).

That's a view of the Mound from the grounds.

Next are a selection of photographs I attempted to take of the falconry display, which included an American bald eagle and a vulture... I think most of these are of the bald eagle, although I'm certain there was one of the vulture in flight...  I've had to crop them down considerably to make the birds slightly more visible...

And then, of course, there were the peacocks, noisy buggers that they are:

After that, we went a wandering...

That's a view from one half of the battlements, across the grounds towards the main gate (I can't remember its official name) where there would originally have been a drawbridge.  Incidentally, a common mistake people make is that the gully around the castle was originally a moat; in fact, it was just a big ditch.  There is now grass covering the hillside but the ditch would have met the bedrock foundations of the castle (quite foreboding) and would most likely have been full of sewage and rainwater (and probably a few dead bodies if there happened to be a siege going on...)

That's a view over the fields of Warwickshire from the top of Guy's Tower, taken trepidaciously whilst staying by a wall.  I thought I'd taken this from the Mound on first glance but then realised it was too high.  There were a couple of maps on top of the Mound saying how far it was to places like Oxford and their relative positions...

This photograph was taken because there was a man staring out of the window at us, which apparently turned out to be a waxwork, although Paul thought it was an actor being scary for a while.  There were other waxworks propped against a higher window, apparently unused, so we're not sure if the man in the window was intentional or not.  You can't actually see him in this photo, though; perhaps he was a ghost. :)

A slightly dark photograph of the chapel inside one of the buildings...

This was Paul's attempt to take a photograph of the trebuchet in action (launching a fireball!) and you can just about make it out as a vague dot above the machine...  The fireball blew itself out before it got very far, alas.

Paul was trying to take a photograph of the gate without any people getting in the way, but as soon as we'd got rid of the first Annoying Man a whole bunch more turned up so he gave up.  It's still pretty, anyway.

In answer to marz109's question about how I've put up with Paul for two years: like that. ;)

The pedestrian entrance we went in through.  You can't see it, but it says 'Warwick Castle' over the archway.

Some pretty headstones in a nearby churchyard.  I might put them on deathly_decayed at some point...

A view of Paul through feathers on the train home.  In addition to my stolen peacock feather there is a black ostrich feather quill that he bought me.  We have since tested it and it leaks terribly, but that's what you get for a £3.00 quill, I suppose. :)

And some arty shots of said feathers to finish off the roll.  I might turn the first one into an icon, possibly also the second one since it has that red flaw mark on it already...

So, there you have it. :)

Now I have to go and make some sandwiches.

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