T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

It's not Friday yet?

I was hoping today wouldn't be as annoying as yesterday. So far... not so good.

For starters, it looks like I'm going to spend most of this evening arguing with the router and redownloading the firmware thanks to whatever site Paul was on yesterday. It threw up an 'error message' popup about registry cleanup (exactly as Lisa's was doing) and instead of clicking on the 'x' to close it he said 'No', and it started to download something. So he panicked and disabled the connection.

Upon re-enabling, it's now doing exactly what it was before and refusing to connect until a reboot of the router... I'm hoping it's a fluke but either way I'd rather spend my evening doing something else... assuming the firmware download works a second time.

So, that aside, this morning I discovered that we have no water. AGAIN. Last time this happened the water board actually fixed it by the time I got home, but nevertheless, it's annoying. I've had to brush my teeth at work...

Team meeting at 10.30, which should be suitably annoying / boring / moany.

There's also only a bit of work, though luckily so far (now at 9.50) nobody has come to take any of it away.

This week is taking forever. Last night we sat and watched old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? on the 'TV Choice' thing (previously Teleport), which was exciting. John Sessions was sort of sweet in a kind of 'luvvie' way, and dude, Jonathan Pryce used to be on it! Also, Paul Merton cannot act to save his life, which I suppose is rather the point.

They should bring back WLIIA, actually. I used to love it, at least before the annoying, below-par American version came along (by which I mean Clive Anderson left and it was presented by Jay Leno.. I think that's who it was.) I wonder who might be on it these days, though? Eddie Izzard would be brilliant, I think, and I wouldn't mind seeing Alan Davies on there. Caroline Quentin was ALWAYS brilliant when she was on. TBH most of the original contestants were irreplaceable, especially Ryan Stiles.

(Added 11.25) Well, the team meeting wasn't too bad for once. I seem to have thoroughly confused everyone over an email issue that's far too boring to go into. Marie brought up both of the items I brought to her attention in my email, at least.

Anyway. That’s enough. At least it’s Friday tomorrow.
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