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Alphabetty Photo Meme.

jackiesjottings gave me the letter M.  Here are photos of ten things I like starting with that letter...

1.  I like My Boyfriend...

(Technically he doesn't start with an 'M' but he moaned about wanting to be on the list. :P)

2.  I like Musicals...

(Specifically within this category I like Moulin Rouge, My Fair Lady, Misérables, Les (:P) and many, many more...)

3.  I like Music...

(There was going to be a picture of some sheet music but my CD player was nearer.)

4.  I like Movies...

(As demostrated by this photograph of my DVD collection.)

5.  I like Most Haunted...

(Although not as much as I used to.  Mostly I like MHOTP! as well.)

6&7.  I like Melua (Katie) and Meatloaf.

(I thought of these originally before I came up with others; apologies for the unoriginality.)

8.  I like Meat...

(Welcome to the deepest depths of our 'meat drawer'...)

9.  I like Magic Eye Pictures...

(There are palm trees in this one, I think...)

10.  Lastly, I like Memes...

(If I'd had more time I would have made this animated and funky and endless, but I didn't.)

So there we have it.

The firmware has been redownloaded so hopefully that will solve our connection problems (again).  Work was tedious.  I'm glad it's Friday.  The end.
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