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Fandom dreams, and other things.

There is no hope now. None whatsoever. The first vital step of Obsession has been fulfilled. Last night I had a dream about Ugly Betty. Worse, it was looking towards being shippy had I not woken up...

I blame going to read spoilers on Sunday, personally...

It seemed to 'star' Daniel, Betty and Christina, with some later appearance from Bradford...

First of all they (the first three) were at the Mode office and it seemed to be quite late at night. I think they may have been slightly tipsy for some reason, but they were merry.

Then they'd left the building and were heading into an underground car park towards Daniel's car. He seemed to be paranoid that someone had cut his brakes or tampered with the car somehow, and kept checking inside the bonnet to make sure all the wires were in the right place. Betty kept telling him to stop it and get in the car. She sat in the passenger seat and Christina was in the back with Daniel driving.

Then there's a bit I don't really remember where they presumably all passed out.

Then it was the next morning and they were back at Mode. In the dream-universe, Christina had her own office instead of her seamstress room, but Bradford had comandeered it to use as his office instead. Christina was completely devastated and was convinced she was out of a job, and Betty was hugging her and saying "It's okay, calm down. Maybe he wants you to be his assistant!".

I think that's the point where I woke up. I doesn't seem like it, but the atmosphere of the thing did seem to be heading towards Daniel/Betty snuggliness later on, although I also woke up with a definite sense of Daniel/Christina. Which is weird, as I don't think they've ever had a scene together...

There was also another bit of the dream where - once again - I was back at the house in Bearwood. I think I'd moved back in, or something, and still had the same room as before. I'd put the furniture where I wanted it, and then went away to do something. I came back a bit later on, and the entire room had been rearranged, and my computer (which was a HUGE laptop) had disappeared.

I found the computer in what I presume was my mum's room, and immediately plugged it in and checked all the files and stuff were still there... I just remember mostly going into the room and being really confused because the layout of the furniture was completely reversed...

Anyway. That's the bizarre dream quota for the day. On with the entry.

Does anyone watch Ugly Betty other than me and yoshi? I know winter_jasmine made her position blatantly clear despite my best efforts to the contrary. :P

In other news, I think I'm actually looking forward to choir tonight for the first time in ages. Mostly this is because I'm not stupidly tired, thanks to an early(ish) night (despite the lure of Nitrome and their addictive games - try Skywire, it's frustratingly brilliant...), a bit of a lie in (7.40), and coffee. It's also because the pieces are finally starting to come together more than they were... which is just as well, given the concert is three weeks or so away. I must ring my mum tomorrow and ask her to get three tickets when / if she books so that Paul can go as well...

Unfortunately, looking at maps and such, I don't know if I'll be able to do the Tewkesbury concert. I was checking how to get to the abbey and it seems to be miles away from the nearest station. That isn't a problem in itself, but given there will most likely be a concert that morning / afternoon I'll probably have to make a day trip of it and hope there's something to do there in the interim. Paul also doesn't mind coming along for the entire day but doesn't fancy having to wander around on his own whilst I'm rehearsing, so ideally we could do with someone else going along as well...

I really hope I can do it, because the music is so lovely, and I know it'll sound gorgeous in the abbey. I'll have to see. The concert is at some point in June on a Saturday... I can't remember the actual date but it should be mentioned somewhere on the choir's website. I know wrysprygoat expressed an interest in coming to the May concert, if I'd realised it clashed with herringprincess's barbecue and discouraged her from that date. As it stands now neither of them are able to come and I will be attending the barbecue / party late. Sans barbecue, alas. :(

So, yeah. Day trip to Tewkesbury, anyone?

Also, I actually have work to do today, for a change, which might account for why the day doesn't seem to be stretching vast hours into the distance. Admittedly I just have a lot of very short tapes to get through, and nothing much has come in since this morning, but it might wake up a bit after lunch. I've noticed the majority of work seems to come in after the WPOs leave, when it comes in at all...

At least it's a bank holiday on Monday, and I have the rest of that week off. Tomorrow I also need to ring up and book our trip to the circus with joetimewaster and miss_scooter. There were some ticket discount vouchers on the bar in the Pear Tree. I haven't been to the circus since I was about 7 in BLackpool, unless you count Cirque du Soleil...

Hm, I think I need a to-do list.

1. Wednesday - phone mum re: concert tickets.

2. Wednesday - phone to book circus tickets.

3. Rest of week - investigate how to get to hotel holding Liz Hawthorne's wedding reception and how much it costs, etc, send back RSVP. Have actually asked Paul to do this tonight while I'm at choir.

Hoepfully the actual hotel won't be TOO much for a one-night stay... It's somewhere near Hereford from what I could tell from the road map. I'm hoping the hotel's website will have directions for people who, like, don't drive.

I am muchly looking forward to my week off. Mostly I intend to get lots of washing done so I can hang it outside (I only really get that chance at the weekend - the good thing is it only takes a couple of hours to dry, as opposed to a couple of days in the loft...) and very little else. Unless, as stated, I have some bookcases to sort out. I'll lose a day to the bank holiday, really, as Paul will also be off and we'll end up doing nothing. ;)

I should probably warn in advance, though, that my week off will result in visiting the small hours once again (old habits die very hard; you give me a week off and I'll completely revert to being nocturnal again like I was at Uni) and there are a lot of various things running around my head that I've just not had the time to think about properly recently. Which means that they haven't had time to coalesce into anything I can write down, luckily, so my paper journal has remained unbattered. So, just so you know, there might be some Good Ol' Angst appearing, unless I can sit on it. (Nothing serious; just stuff, really.)

This entry is full of purposeful pointlessness because I'm writing whilst waiting for tapes to rewind / precedents to load / things to print. But I will now sign it off, because I can't think of anything else to ramble about. Having work to do makes such a difference to my mood; today is a good day.
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