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Stupid middle of nowhere.

I need to sent off Liz H's wedding reply, really.  I got let out of choir early because in the latter half they were rehearsing for The Kingdom concert that I'm not doing.  So I've been spending the past half an hour or so (and bugger, still managed to miss the 9.00pm showing of Sensing Murder) trying to figure out how to get to Baskerville Hall Hotel by public transport.

Everywhere in the entire world is catered for people who fucking drive.  Those of us who don't are left to wander aimlessly through countryside in the hope of getting there eventually.

The nearest train station is Hereford, which is a good few miles away and would involve a hefty taxi fare, as the hotel itself is in Clyro, near Hay-on-Wye.

There are no stations that serve Hay-on-Wye, Clyro, Brecon, or any of the other places which would be helpful.  In fact that entire area of East Wales is completely unserved by trains.  Sucks to be them, I guess.  There is a bus from Hereford to Brecon (via Hay-on-Wye) but it only comes every 90 minutes or something ridiculous, and we'd still have to get from there to the bloody hotel.  And this is just for the wedding reception; there's still a room to book and figuring out how to get to that as well.

So currently the only option appears to be car sharing with people from work (who all live over Kingstanding / Erdington way), which runs the risk of having to car share with Sandra, or falling on the mercy of my lovely parental bodies.  I'm sure David wouldn't mind driving to Clyro; but there's always the chance he'd be working that day, and I'm not sure my mum would be so keen to drive that far.  And we'd still have to get back on a Sunday, which would be even MORE hellish.  I bet there's no public transport at ALL on a Sunday.


Stuff like this is frustrating and stupid.  People who run public transport need to learn that people have to GET SOMEWHERE, at a REASONABLE TIME, especially when they live in the middle of nowhere.  And, on top of that, people who can drive need to be less bloody dependent on their vehicles, so that then they'd HAVE to run more buses.  Except, obviously, when you live in the countryside, you drive either a land rover or a tractor, and don't have to contend with getting the bus.  Kinda makes me glad to be in the Land of Smog.

Bugger it.  I'll send off the reply and figure this out later when I can be bothered.
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