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It's bloody typical, isn't it?  Just when I start having a social life and doing productive things with my time, the television mocks me.

Tonight's schedule:

Channel 4, 8.00pm, The Way the Other Half Learn (swapping three comprehensive kids with three private school kids; should be interesting and infuriating in equal measure)

ITV3, 9.35pm, Clue.  The film with Tim Curry, which I haven't seen since I was 14.  I might get back in time for this if the bus isn't poo.

Channel 5, 11.05pm, some thing about blokes who hoard stuff.  Car crash telly.

I'll have to tape the first thing anyway as I'll be gone by then.  I will hopefully be back in time for the film, but will most likely miss the beginning.  We shall see.

I'll probably have to tape the Channel 5 thing as well (assuming Channel 5 is tuned in on the video) because I'm bloody knackered.  After swimming will come death.

We had a team meeting of doooom today, which lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Slightly shorter than the last one, at least, and the first half an hour of that was taken up with the personnel manager guy telling us what he knew about Single Status, which is basically what everyone else knows, which is very little.  The rest was the usual.  I have another string of sorts to add to my bow, anyway, in that myself and one of the senior solicitors will be taking to Them Upstairs in IT about setting up an electronic 'library' for the team of Counsel advice and stuff.  It needs someone with at least a little technological know-how and a solicitor to say what goes in there when they set it up for us.  Should be an interesting experience, anyway...

I think that's it.  The weather is getting warmer and I am getting grumpier with it.  It can even out about now, maybe a little warmer in the evenings.  I don't want another summer like last year, thank you very much.  It was bad enough before I was ill and had cold flushes to go with it...

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