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New(ish) layout.  It's one of the default 'Expressive' themes until I can muster the creativity to make a proper one.  I wish S2 were easier to modify in the same way as S1; I prefer the S1 style system, but I like the fact that you can view tags and your own user icons with S2.  Meh.

There is something of a theme here in that I was trying to use Alanis lyrics, as I had the idea to use "I'm wrong and I'm sorry, baby" as a header.  The rest of it is slightly unoriginal, but I've used three songs which kind of define me:  Hand in my Pocket (my life, except in parts), So Pure (reminds me of Paul) and Everything (which reminds me of both of us).

So, there we go.

I'm running out of momentum already, and it's already quarter-to-Wednesday.  Tomorrow I must actually be productive, including:  sandpaper bannister in preparation for repainting; take bathroom light fitting to Argos to get it replaced because there is a nut missing (or rather, it fell out of the box behind the washing machine and we can't find it; Argos don't have to know that), and try to get Paul's new MP3-player working...

I hold out no hope of getting any of it done.  I really need to head into Kings Heath at some point in order to find some summer shirts for work and some smart black sandals that aren't frumpy, clunky or tarty, which will be an impossible task.  Even more impossible due to not really having the money to do so.

We won a tenner on the Dream Number lottery thing on Saturday, and £2.00 on a Piratical scratchcard.  If this is a winning streak, can we get a couple of million next time?

Ah well.  At least my stomach ache's gone.
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