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Much better.

Aha, productivity.

I've painted one bookcase.  It's better than nothing.  I also ran into Trevor (who was downstairs mowing the lawn and came up to moan about us not clearing the drain downstairs - oops) and asked if we could, in fact, paint the bannister blue, and he said that was fine and it would "brighten the place up a bit".  Yes, quite. ;)

Every time he's here Trevor says how he used to sleep in the attic, although today he said that he used to climb up the bannisters as a child.  That explains why they're so rickety, then. :P  He's quite eccentric, is Trevor.  At least he's not a horrible landlord.

Tomorrow I will make a concerted effort to paint the other bookcase, unless I do it later, and at least sandpaper the bannisters.  I was meant to sort the books out this week but it'll have to wait until we've screwed the bookcases together and wedged them so they don't fall over.

I can never quite decide whether or not I like the smell of paint drying.  Might go and light a joss stick in the living room to cover it...

Edit, 4.00pm: Towel rail is up. Well, mostly up. I couldn't get the screws entirely into the door on the left hand side so I'll let Paul do that with his manly strength later. It's secure and has towels on it, anyway. And now I have an empty drawer to play with.
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