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Last night when I went to bed I sat down with my personal journal and scribbled a 'plot synopsis' for my Ugly Betty fic. It's more... random introspection than an actual story, so said plot isn't very plotty. It was, however, inspired by Tuesday's rainstorm.

Whether I write it or not is a different matter, as I'm busy tonight, busy Saturday and also busy Sunday. I also can't seem to find any of my A4 pads so can't work on it in bed or anything. I seem to have come full circle back to not-having-the-time-to-write, and will consequently end up not writing. It's not for a lack of ideas or inspiration, just a lack of hours in the day and a lack of concentration after work.

Having said that, I have been working on some more of "Broken Record" (Buffy post-season-seven cliché thing) whilst at work, and keep getting randomly inspired to write bits of both "Sweet Intoxication" (Phantom) and "Come Forward" (Most Haunted not-really-a-fanfic) without ever getting around to doing it. The internet kind of eats my brain, I think. What I need to do is just... take the internet shortcut off my task bar, or something. Broadband does compound the problem a bit by just Being There; at least with dial-up you had to think "Hmm, can I afford a couple of minutes online?" and actually wait for it to load and stuff... so more often than not, it just wasn't worth the effort and you might as well have waited a bit longer...

Hence, even though I am grateful for herringprincess's invitation to join ScriptFrenzy, I just... wouldn't manage it. I probably DO manage 800 words a day writing LJ entries, but those are pointless ramble rather than actual, properly thought out pieces of dialogue. Plus I'm also rather poo at dialogue unless it's fanfiction characters; I'm having more and more trouble getting original voices into my head...

Talking of original voices, as of 9.45 I was without work so edited marz109's original fiction piece for her. I wish I'd known about MS Word's reviewing function back when I was beta-reading, although I probably would have spent longer explaining how to accept the changes than I would making them, not to mention compatibility issues between versions. Ah well. My old 'red pen' equivalent was good enough.

And finally, at 11.00, one piece of work has come in... about bloody time, too.

...and an hour later, nothing again. I might go on lunch in a bit.

Wow. I really need a haircut. I can actually see my split ends perfectly clearly.

*stops writing LJ entry*

(Except that it's taken this long to get the internet to work...)
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