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Cakes or death?

The cakes are in the oven.  There are two 18" tins and three small pie tins in there as I'm making three baby cakes to go with the main one for Alison.  When I've had tea (Sainsbury's instant curry) and the cakes are cool I'll make the icing, although I created the uber-lemon flavour last time by accident.  I'll just keep adding lime until it works, I suppose.

In the meantime, here is a photograph of the parfait.  I've taken the strawberries off again and wrapped it in foil for the meantime, in order to transport it to the party... although I think I need a cool bag or something in case it tries to melt.  We'll see.

I apologise for the bad quality, but I couldn't be bothered to fight with my camera and took it with my phone.  It also has interesting crease-marks in it from the cling flim...

I need to set the video for Ugly Betty and try and watch the DVD I rented last week... it's a film made entirely using marionettes.  And no, it's not Team America. :P

Edit, 21.13: Cakes are iced as iced can be. Please confirm, cooks on my friends list: it is, in fact, impossible to do anything with icing sugar without covering the entire kitchen with it...
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