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I wouldn't normally do this, but...

...that was the weirdest episode of Jonathan Ross ever...

Firstly, Eddie Izzard, yee! He was surprisingly the sanest guest on there tonight.  My favourite bit was his story about going through US customs wearing a dress and getting away with it by being 'terribly British':  "I do apologise, but I appear to be wearing a dress.  Terribly sorry about that...  Yes, and a lot of make-up, very sorry" :D

Second, Janice Dickinson (bitchy judge and ex-model on America's Next Top Model, who was on crack or something.  Seriously.  She said she was jet-lagged, but WTF?  I couldn't decide if she was stupid, insane, or both...  And I thought she was going to smack John Barrowman one after his "Any hole will do" comment... which was obviously very appropriate. ;)  Jonathan looked like he'd lost the will to live at one point, not that I can blame him.  As entertaining as Janice was, it was more car-crash than anything else, andIi was very glad when he finally got rid of her.  Twice.  She was quite scarily volatile and I wouldn't want to run into her on a darkened street...

As for Mr Barrowman and Andrew Lloyd Webber, well, they make quite the comedy double-act.  I love Andrew the more I see him on television and am quite sad that I've missed most of Any Joseph Will Do (also because Graham Norton is brilliant) purely for his personality on the show.  This particular exchange, though, made my mouth fall open:

[After Andrew asking if Jonathan was going to ask about Sarah (Brightman)...]
JR:  No, well, we had her on a couple of weeks ago.  She was very kind about your talent and your, um, physical endowment...
ALW:  [pulls disgruntled face]  I... well... Sarah always had a very big mouth.


Apart from the few instances of his dirty mind, though, Andrew is adorable...

I am now exhausted from giggling (and also in general).  Jonathan Ross has had some very good guests of late (Alan Carr, Sarah Brightman, John Travolta, Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst...) but this one just took the cake.  I hope never to see Janice Dickinson on my screen again, though; she scared me.
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