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It's actually been a productive one...

On Saturday morning we went to Kings Cafe for breakfast (sausage, egg and chips, mmmm) and then headed out to get a few bits from Lidl.

We watched Friday's Ugly Betty and then I started getting ready for choir. Paul accompanied me halfway to Alison's house (where I was going first to drop off food), at which point the heavens opened and I turned up looking like a drowned rat. And subsequently had to sit through the choir rehearsal with wet jeans and soggy feet.

The rehearsal was probably only a couple of hours altogether and then we were released for another two hours before the concert started. I ended up tagging along with a big group of people and we all ended up at the Gourmet Burger Company. One of the other choir members asked the staff to serve us quickly because we only had a couple of hours and there were lots of us, and they managed to get us all served within 10 minutes of our order (an improvement on the last time I was there, anyway). Quite an enjoyable meal, anyway.

The concert itself went well, I think. There was a bit of humour at the end of the first act where Adrian (conductor) was getting strangled by his bow tie and ran off as soon as he'd finished conducting, more or less. The performance itself was good; we all managed to learn The Holly and the Ivy by heart and Ecce Sarcerdos sounded good, as did Give Unto The Lord. The second half, where we did the incredibly challenging and difficult The Music Makers also went well.

The only trouble with singing in the Symphony Hall choir stalls is you really can't hear the other parts very well. The altos are too far away and there aren't enough male voices to hear them properly, so all you can really hear is the orchestra. We couldn't hear the alto soloist either because obviously, we were behind her. It's also very difficult to see Adrian because he's so far away. Other than that, though, I think it went quite well...

After the concert Paul and I went home to get changed and then headed out again to Alison's party. Every single off licence in Kings Heath was shut at just past 10.00 on a Saturday. Utterly ridiculous. Anyway, we stayed there for a few hours, played some silly games, and Paul won the silly hat competition with the mad purple furry thing he'd picked up that morning (I got an honorable mention with my Jack Sparrow hat).

We got back from the party at about 1.30 and decided to watch Derren Brown from Friday, but Paul started nodding off towards the end... This has been quite a good series of Derren Brown, the most disturbing episode being the second one, where he made a man think he was a ventriloquist's dummy...

On Sunday late morning I went out into Kings Heath to buy a new hairbrush, having left mine in the changing room at Symphony Hall on Saturday, along with my watch... hopefully they'll have been picked up. Hairbrushes are ridiculously expensive. The cheapest one I got from Boots was a fiver for a 'handba-sized' brush by Denman... of course, I went a few metres up the road to Superdrug where they were a quarter of the price. *shakes fist at Boots* Also got a few bits from Somerfield (bread, sandwich stuff for work, Paul's tobacco, and a cucumber, as we're having kebabs with Greek salad tonight. Need to get pitta bread, I now realise...)

After that we did nothing for a bit and then went downstairs to do some gardening. Well, weeding, really. There's a big patch of the garden which was an utter shambles, full of dead tree and weeds, which Lisa had decided to put flowers in. So we weeded it, pulled out the bits of dead tree and rocks and stuff, found a shoe in there, and cleaned the mud off the path. It now looks much better, but we need a trip to Homebase to get various gardening tools like a trowel, a spade, some gardening gloves, and also some plants...

Then Lisa cooked us dinner: barbecue-ish chicken with breaded mushroom and potato wedges. It turns out I like mushrooms. The texture freaks me out a little bit so possibly eating them regularly will be a learning curve...

Then we watched EastEnders (WTF??? Where the Hell did that ending come from?? Also, best line was from Honey to Lucy: "Oh, are you and Peter telepathetic?") and then went upstairs to watch Being John Malkovich. Still the Weirdest Film Ever.

And that was that. We also taped Tribe and watched Lenny Henry's list of the best telly ever.

This morning I had to pause tactfully in order to have some work to keep me going for more than ten minutes. I took the first bit and then, realising that one of the floaters was looking for work and checking out the dates/times on both this team and the one next door, I waited after I'd finished it. The next two pieces were short, the third long. I was right; the floater took both short pieces. If I'd taken the first one, the long piece would have disappeared (most likely all morning).

It's like a bloody military manouevre...

Tonight I need to pick up my prescription (which I forgot to do on Friday - I always manage to run out of medication at the end of the month when I'm skint...) and get pitta bread from Somerfield. I have two weeks off from choir, so tomorrow we should be going to see 28 Weeks Later if I'm not too exhausted...

It's Pride this weekend. I had planned to get my hair cut and dye it pink and whatever but honestly, I don't have the bloody energy. As it's also a bank holiday, Council employees get a four-day weekend, and by the sounds of things we're already meeting up with about fifty million people and I WANT TO SLEEP THROUGH IT. Aside from that, I HAVE NO MONEY. It's still disappearing at a rate of knots.

Everything is annoying. Every single person on the bus this morning was rude and taking up an entire seat so they could read their Metro or whatever. Also, to the man I subsequently had to sit next to who had to spread his legs so far apart I was perched on the edge of the seat: frell you, and I'm glad you fell asleep and probably missed your stop. The ignorant people in Greggs this morning can go and throw themselves under buses, too. Clearly I am standing here with a bottle of drink for no reason.


Anyway, I'd better post this and eat my lunch...
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