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Lost entry.

I've been trying to post this since Thursday but LJ has been on the fritz...  Anyway, here's the post that was meant to be posted on Thursday night...

I'm 62 words shy of 2000. :)  Reading other people's fic seems to have helped immensely.  I'm now calling it a night for tonight, having reached a natural break in the narrative.

The story, what little there is of it, is unfolding quite nicely.  I'll review it tomorrow night after the episode (although the current situation in the series is quite far removed from the atmosphere in the fic) to check on characterisation and stuff, but I think it's going okay so far.  I'd forgotten how much fun fanfiction-writing actually was, somehow.

It will require a LOT of editing and tweaking when it's done, and I may scout around for a beta if I'm brave enough, or at the very least just get someone to read it over.  My style seems very, very clunky, which I blame on lack of practice and typing far, FAR too many minutes over the past couple of years.  Fiction writing is apparently not like riding a bike...

Anyway. Other than that, work wasn't too bad today; kind of annoying in places because everyone going on leave is frantically filling in their 2-monthly review forms, which are an absolute bugger to fill in due to the original creator of the template not knowing about / believing in using Word's form function, and the things being designed for also filling in by hand...

We went to La Tasca for tea (which makes eating out three times in a row this week - bad us) and tried calamari rings, which were very nice.  They came with deep fried tuna and some battered prawns (also very nice) and lots and lots of deep fried whitebait.  Paul tried one of the whitebaits and then gave up because it was full of tiny little bones.  I saw that it still had eyes and a head and refused to go near it.  I cannot eat anything which still has eyes; it freaks me out.  It gives the distinct impression of the food watching and judging me, and also, it's just horrible.  In that same vein, I can't eat anything which sounds like it should still be an internal organ (kidney, liver, tongue), mostly because I don't like the taste.

A carnivore I may be, but I'm a selective one...

Time for bed.

Happy birthday to kht for today and miss_scooter for yesterday, at least according to the LJ update client...

I will post again later...
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