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Oh, dear...

I seem to have been sucked into Big Brother already... this kind of thing usually takes at least six weeks. Well, at least I'll know what people are talking about...

Firstly: the Twins. I believe they're called Sam and Mandy, but as they appear to share a brain between them they might as well be a gestalt entity, hence: the Twins. First in, and can they please be first out? I thought Nikki ("I'm sooooo coooooooooowuld!") was bad last year, but I've now come to the conclusion that she was just a bit insane. The scary kind of insane, obviously. The Twins are just complete, vapid idiots. If they were American they would be the worst kind of valley girls. "Like, where are all the boys? The house is so, like, totally full of girls!" Apparently one of them actually said "Oh Em Gee" as she was going in, and they're incredibly happy that the interior of the house is pink.

Bizarrely, I have this strange suspicion I've seen them around online in a PotC community. I may go and check out my suspicions later, but it's probably just a coincidence... I imagine them to be that terrible breed of fangirl who squees over something because it has a fit bloke in it; the "OMG teH Phantom / Jack Sparrow / Malfoy / [insert male character here] is soooo hawt I luv him!!!111one" type...

As for the others: current favourites are the 60-year-old WI member, the pink-haired raver and the Welsh girl. They at least appear to be healthily crazy and/or possessing of a brain. Apparently the bookies' favourite is one of the Asian girls, which implies they're hoping for a repeat of Celebrity BB and Shilpagate...

None of the others have really hit my radar yet, but most of them seem annoying so far. Just hearing the adamant cry of: "I'm not a lesbian! I'm sorry if anyone is, but I'm not!" in the diary room has tipped me off as to at least one their personalities. That girl in particular clearly needs the presence of MANLY MEN so she doesn't catch The Gay...

Paul and I have a theory that the house is full of celebrity lookalikes. There's already a girl in there who's said she looks like Victoria Beckham, and the Welsh girl (unfortunately) is the spit of Matt Lucas. She is seriously Daffyd in drag, it's terrifying. (She also apparently looks like the lead singer of The Gossip.) The black girl (Charley?) looks a bit like that Sinitta woman and a few of the others have familiar-looking faces; it wouldn't surprise me if the bookies' favourite looks a bit like Shilpa Shetty.

Aaanyway. Clearly the social experiment this year is to put as many squawking girls in there as they can, with a couple of freaks and a granny. Could be interesting.

Yup. Well and truly absorbed into BB this year. It's a bit like quicksand.

Apart from that, I also watched How Clean Is Your House? (which was more How Clean Is Your City?) and Embarrassing Illnesses, which was interesting but not quite as recoilingly entertaining as I'd hoped...

We also had v. nice sausages (courtesy of herringprincess) with cheeeeeesy mash for tea. Yums.

Today has been mostly okay, at least until 11.40. I've had a constant supply of work to keep me going all morning, most of which came in yesterday night (after 5.15, and only about two between 4.45 and then) and a few from this morning. At 11.35, there were five reasonably-lengthed tapes in the tray. at 11.40, there was one left. ONE.

Val took three of them (!!) and Sandra (an entirely different Sandra, but the name seems to bring me bad luck) wandered up, had a couple of chats, and took ANOTHER piece of work. I have no idea why the three pieces were taken since they were from this morning, but presumably it's because they've run out downstairs. In which case, they should take ONE piece of work, not THREE. Do these people have NO common sense?? *bangs head forcefully against desk*

And now the fee earners are panicking because their work has gone elsewhere. Which is not my problem. I tried to resolve the issue and it didn't work. Maybe it'll reach a point where the fee earners get so annoyed with having to make so many amendments they'll request certain WPOs don't touch their work. I can but hope...

I am also fed up with stupid Social Workers who can't read simple instructions - especially when those instructions are written in LARGE RED LETTERS and placed on the email in two separate places... (Just nearly had to deal with a phonecall from a Social Worker who I emailed on behalf of Ama. Obviously, the person he really wanted to talk to was Ama, not me, but my name was on the email. It's like LAC invite letters all over again. "No, I don't know why your child is in care. I don't know why you've been invited either. Just attend the damn meeting.")

Grr. I was in a good mood until that happened...
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