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Another tedious day at work today with nothing to do, although, that being said, I spent the best part of an hour today talking to various Service Birmingham technicians about printer IP addresses, firstly for Alastair and secondly for Noor...

The printer broke, see, whilst Noor was off sick.  By 'broke', I mean, 'got bored of its IP address and went to look for a new one'.  The IT tech came out to fix it, caught the old IP with a big net and tied it down.  Only in more technical terms, obviously.  Except in the process, somehow, a few of the PCs had decided to change their IPs as well, so I had to go around to various workstations and reconfigure the printer ports to the right address.  This has resulted (in my case, anyway) in the Port Name not matching the Port Address, causing much confusion to the man trying to base the settings on mine when helping Alastair to print...

Anyway, subsequently, Noor was unable to print because hers was one of the PCs where the settings were locked.  So she got Chris, our useless ITSO, to have a look at it for her.

So, down came Chris, BCC-provide manual in hand (yes, a manual), and sat there trying to fix it.  All he had to do was log in as an administrator and reconfigure the port address.  Instead, he decided to delete the other printer (which Noor was using in the interim) entirely, and completely fail to reconfigure the port.  When she asked if he could put it back, he said, "Oh, you'd better ask them to do it."  He did ring Service Birmingham and use his Almighty ITSO Power to get the call bumped to the head of the queue, but was unable to help other than that.

And so, I spent about 45 minutes running between Noor's PC and mine trying to help a poor, befuddled ITSO re-install the printer.  It turned out that the IP address actually had "IP" in it, hence it not working.  I suspect this was also Chris's doing...  At least it now works...

Then I had to ring them again later on because the printer is also printing everything fuzzy from trays 2 and 3, for no apparent reason.  We've switched from the machinery-breaking recycled paper back to the non-recycled, good quality stuff, and changed the toner, to no avail.  Hopefully it will take them less than a week to get to us this time...

In other news, three more reviews for Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow overnight.  I was going to change the title, but now I actually quite like it.  Makes a change from the pretentious one-word efforts.

I am also have a PM conversation via FFN with a fellow Sunset Blvd. obsessive whose fanfic I reviewed, which is quite nice.  I love finding fellow SB-fans.  Norma/Joe fans are few and far between, alas, but it's just a good, meaty fandom to get into involved discussions about, and I like that...

I think that's everything.  Must get clothing from upstairs and put it away.  I got through about five loads of washing at the weekend to make good use of the glorious sunshine, so we actually have almost everything clean now except what we've worn since Sunday.  Makes a change for the laundry basket not to be overflowing, too.

I'm such a housewife. :P
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