T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh


Last night was odd...

I started feeling incredibly tired as soon as I got on the bus, to the extent that I read a bit of the Birmingham Mail I'd picked up for Paul, then sat staring out of the window. Too tired, even, to remember to put my MP3 player on.

I got in and asked if he wouldn't mind cooking, then went to lie down for a nap, in which I probably got about 20 minutes total sleep in the hour and a half I was in the bedroom.

At about 7.45 I gave up and dragged myself back out of bed, still deathly tired, and went to watch some rubbish television while Paul cooked (and filled the kitchen with smoke - our grill needs cleaning again), then went online for as long as my brain could cope, then watched Big Brother, then went to bed and attempted to sleep until 1.30am.

Obviously, I was too tired to sleep, as well. My eyes were aching but my brain wouldn't shut up, and then I'd just nod off and Paul would wake me up (either with "Are you awake?" or just by snoring...) so, all in all, a horrible night's sleep...

And naturally, I am today exhausted. Apparently I even look tired, which is an achievement. At least it's Friday. Tomorrow I need to take my bike down to Halfords for them to have a look at it... hopefully it WILL only be £25 to give it a service and not anything more.

Talking of Big Brother, I realised last night that Charley really, horribly reminds me of Sandra. I think it's the accent more than anything else, but wow. She has the same typical Londoner attitude and doesn't know when to shut up. She even looks a little bit like her...

*shudders* I just can't get rid of the woman.

I think that's about it. Finale of Ugly Betty tonight, and even though I'm thoroughly spoiled I'm still very excited. At least the fandom is steadily growing and there should be a fair amount of fanfic to keep me going between seasons... besides, end-of-season fanfic is ALWAYS fun. :)
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