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I think I need to update since Saturday afternoon; how very lax of me...

So, on Saturday evening we popped over to Star City for a meal, and ended up back at That Mexican Place because it was easier than deciding on anything else. Following that we had a game of pool and wandered around the arcade for a bit, and then got a taxi home.

Sunday was a lazy day. I spent the majority of the day online reading fanfic, I think, apart from uploading chapter two of the UB fic, and Paul went out to play badminton with Drew. And, of course, there was the weekly EastEnders angst. Always good fun.

We had grilled salmon with mash, brocolli and cauliflower for tea, with a home made cheese sauce that went horribly lumpy but was rectified by sieving it halfway through. Well, half-saved, anyway. Cleaning the pan afterwards wasn't fun.

Monday at work entirely comprised ridiculously long dictations, mostly because Faten has moved downstairs again and was finishing her stuff for South team. There seem to have just been a lot of hearings going on, I think...

The only minor annoyance was when Val took a long tape of Ian's - a memo to David, which was needed by 2.00pm. The trouble with Ian is he talks very fast and sometimes he's difficult to understand. The good thing about having done audio-typing at Ladywood is I'm used to fast/incoherent dictation. Val is not so used to it.

Anyway, Ian came to find me at about 11.30 to ask where the tape was and I said Val had it. He said to tell her that David needed it by 2.00pm but he wanted to look through it first, so could she bring it straight to him when it was done. I dutifully passed on the message and Val said it would definitely need amending because there were lots of gaps in it...

Ian came to find me again a few minutes later to ask if it could be given straight to David, so I said it had some gaps in and would therefore need amending. He rolled his eyes but said that was okay.

Ian disappeared for a while. Val brought the thing back at about 12.30 because apparently her numbering had gone wrong and she had to fix it. (The MS Word auto-numbering can sometimes be a right bastard on our precedents.) She left it on his chair. I think Ian may have come back briefly, but then had to run off to Court at 1.30, so I don't know if David ever got his memo.

It would have helped if she hadn't also deleted the tape afterwards, because I could've gone through and filled in the gaps...

Which just goes to show, people shouldn't take stuff they can't handle. :P

Penultimate choir rehearsal before the Tewkesbury concert tonight. I should really investigate how on earth to get to the cathedral from the station. I need to ask for a ticket for Paul tonight.

Also need to book tickets for the Phantom silent movie, which I may do this evening if I remember...

This afternoon took something of a surreal turn when I was summoned to the Adults Team's meeting in order to take a group photograph because I'm "technical", apparently. At least the photos came out well...
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