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As punishment for all the eating out and subsequent overspending, my body has somehow managed to put on half a stone.  Half a frelling stone.  Bringing my weight up to 11st.  Given I was 'officially' overweight at a stone lighter, this is incredibly annoying.

I would like to think that it's because the swimming has been doing some good and turned the fat into muscle (which is, of course, heavier), or my scales are rubbish, but somehow I don't believe either of those, and the real reason is that I'm a big fat pig.

As I've said before, my current weight problems, for want of a better word, are not helped in the slightest by my having to take the Pill.  Whilst, yes, there are plenty of other contraceptive methods out there, I'm rather wary of trying a different one.  Since taking it, my periods have become regular.  No more 72-day long bouts of PMT.  With the periods comes regular, dealable PMT.  I forgot to take the pills for a couple of days recently, and spent the days afterwards in a horrible emotional slump, for no apparent reason.  It seems, in that case, that Microgynon is keeping me relatively sane as well as without babies.  I imagine, in some way, this is because it makes my hormones calm down, and hence they aren't there to mess around with bits of my brain...

*sigh*  Why couldn't I have been one of the people it helped lose weight?

Right.  Well.  Eating less, if at all possible, is a step forward.  Not eating at all is tempting but not at all practical because, well, I like food.  I can't resolve to stop drinking alcohol because I'm barely even drinking any.  Stupid body.  *shakes fist at it*  I might try the soup diet again for a week, even though it's horrendously boring.  I might try eating the bloody Special K in the cupboard.  Cereal for two meals a day would drive me mad (Special K tastes of cardboard; I also have bran flakes) but at least once would help...

I'm not of these people that goes for fad diets.  Or any diets, as I loathe salad and would starve to death if I cut out meat.

I will also eat out less, which will save money.  With no more choir until September, at least I won't be having fish and chips once a week - I don't care how low choleserol their oil is, the stuff's still deep fried to within an inch of its life.  I'll get my bike fixed.  I'll do something.

I had a lot more to say but since having a bath my eyes are tired and I need to sleep...
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