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Cheap Day Out

I'm giving up on the theme park. Despite the initial enthusiasm I now get the impression people are no longer interested. Just as well, really, because I'm skint.

So, instead, I am offering a trip to Saltwells Nature Reserve in Netherton, and possibly also the park / canals depending on time constraints and weather. If it rains on whatever day we organise I will call it off and probably cry...

My dad lived in Netherton until about 1997 and we used to go cycling in the park and around the canals, and before I could ride a bike we used to walk down to the reservoir and nature reserve. There are abandoned claypits (now reclaimed by nature) and I remember there being a natural spring and big rocks you can climb. (Although given I was about 10 at the time I imagine the rocks aren't as big as I thought...) It's a place I remember quite fondly from my childhood and for some reason today I decided to go back there.

Paul may not be able to get the time off work so if anyone else would like to join me for a day of appreciating nature (and nostalgic reminiscing) at some point between 2 and 6 July, let me know. Maybe a packed lunch picnic in the park and some playing on the swings?

I will be getting there by bus. This will involve two buses from Birmingham (one to Dudley, one from there to Netherton), plus whatever you use to get to Brum in the first place, and a LOT of walking. I advise wearing good shoes. The reservoir / reserve is also at the bottom of a ridiculously steep hill, so I'm just warning you in advance that it's NOT fun trying to get back up it...

Mostly, I'm wondering whether I can still remember the short cuts through the backstreets from the park (logical starting point) to my dad's old street, so I can find the reservoir. I haven't been there in over 10 years, so it could be interesting.

So, yeah, any interested parties can leave a comment in order to organise a day and time and suchlike. I'll want to get there fairly early because of transport issues, but I'll check the bus timetables if it's happening. Incidentally, I think you can get to Netherton using a West Midlands bus pass, but at the very least you can get as far as Dudley. ;)

Anyway, I am cooking sausages and mash for tea and later we're going out drinking with my mum and David somewhere in either Moseley or Kings Heath.  If we ever decide where...

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