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Big Brother.

I realise what little of my dignity is left lies at stake by even watching this dross, and therefore I make no apologies.  That being said, I think new-ish housemate Brian is, quite possibly, the stupidest person they've ever had on.  He's even giving legendary Jade a run for her money.

Firstly... well, look at that Neanderthal-esque forehead.  Always a bad sign.

This evening's instalment (or at the very least the bit I just watched) involved a conversation between some housemates in the garden, during which it became apparent that Brian had not only never heard of Romeo & Juliet ("What's that, then?") but had also never heard of Shakespeare...

"He was a playwright," said one housemate.


Housemates explain who Shakespeare was.

"So this Shakespeare guy - he directed Romeo and Juliet?"

"No, he wrote it and then a million zillion years later someone made a film out of it."

"So how come everyone's still heard of him if he wrote it a million zillion years ago?"

"Because he's famous."

O.O!  The mind boggles.  Earlier in the show, Irish Seany and Welsh Laura managed to convince him that they didn't have indoor toilets or washing machines, and he honestly seemed to believe them.  Brian's excuse is that he didn't pay much attention at school...  Really quite painfully obvious, but Jesus.  Is this level of stupidity and sheer ignorance enough of a reason to shoot him into the sun?

The stupid.  It hurts.
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