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Has anyone else been really cold of an evening lately, or am I just a freak of nature?

Had to put my hand-made quilt back on the bed last night. To think, I was going to switch to the summer duvet back in April. Probably just as well I didn't...

Whist this is infinitely preferable to the heatwave we had last year, it would be nice if it wasn't having-to-put-the-heating-on temperature at night... I even had to sit in front of the fire on Monday evening.

Bloody global warming.

In other news, it's been nearly a year since we moved into the flat, which is cause for celebration (also read: a year without a big row over something, and only a few disagreements), but less so because the attic is still full of boxes. If I can screw the bookcases together this week then I can spend a day sorting through books. Lovely, lovely books. And then maybe I'll be able to find something to read.

Talking of reading, I'm trying again with Virginia Woolf's Orlando and finding it just as tedious as when I was forced to read it at Uni. I've re-read some stuff from the course and found it really good (it's difficult to really appreciate a book when you have a week to read it and subsequently have to analyse it) but Orlando is defeating me. I also started A S Byatt's Babel Tower but may have to start again as I've forgotten which plot thread goes where.

This was meant to be a short entry. I'll shut up now.
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