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Half-waking thought patterns...

I had the weirdest night's sleep, ever, at least from 5 o' clock onwards...

I woke up at about that time needing the loo and having trouble getting back to sleep.  So I got up, and then remembered I hadn't made Paul any lunch the night before.  So, in the weird half-light of 5.00am, I made him some sandwiches.  This took about 10 minutes and I went back to bed.  This woke him up and I said I'd made him some lunch and then he went back to sleep.

I lay awake for another half an hour or thereabouts trying to get to sleep...

At probably around 7.00 (I'm not sure) when I was actually asleep, Paul decided to have a conversation with me and woke me up.  He had to repeat himself about four times because I was in that half-deaf state of not-quite-awakeness, and on the fourth time I could have sworn he'd asked me: "Have you got feather-ear"?  Which I presumed was some term I'd never heard of for that not-quite-awake half-deafness I was experiencing...

As a result, the following conversation ensued:

Me:  Huh?  [Paul starts to groan at having to repeat it another time.]  No, what's 'feather-ear'?
Paul:  All the scanning and stuff.
Me:  Whuh??
Paul:  What answer did you expect to that question?

At which point I gave up and tried to sleep again.  So it seems he was asking something about work.  I was trying to figure it out for at least another 15 minutes and even had a brief dream in which my brain (now thinking he'd said "finger-ear") tried to make sense of it.  I'm not even sure, at this point, if the conversation really happened...

I also had another dream where I was doing a concert with choir and we'd had literally three weeks to rehearse the entire programme becuase it was 'easy', but I'd managed to miss the rehearsals.  I started off at I think my mum's house and then realised I had half an hour to get back to where my dress and music were and into town again.  My mum offered to drive me and Paul over there... this was apparently after he'd tried to install something on my PC and almost broken it, so I was decidedly stressed...

We had a brief rehearsal before the concert and Adrian was trying to make me sing one of the solo soprano lines.  When he pointed at me and I didn't react the first time, I was like "What?  You want ME to sing this?"  And some other girls had also never done it before and we were trying to get the music copied in time for the concert.

In the middle of the concert, I seemed to be sitting by an unused fireplace, and we could hear this distinct meowing coming from the walls... Adrian shot us a look as if to say "ignore it" but then a little black cat suddenly appeared out of the fireplace and started jumping on everyone...

And then I was back home afterwards and getting ready for bed...  I have no idea where I was living, but for some reason Paul had decided he was going to sleep downstairs.  My mum had already gone to bed, also, and I was trying to get him to come upstairs so I could tell him what had happened at the concert because it had been traumatising.

No.  Clue.

Makes no sense whatsoever.  I think I prefer the kind of dream I had last night, if they're going to go back to being nonsensical...
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