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Back to work already?

The sum total of my productivity during my week off has been to clean the cupboard under the sink and finally sort the bookcase out, which Paul helped with yesterday.  I have a couple of books missing but hopefully they'll turn up if I ever get around to sorting out the boxes in the attic...

On Friday I was literally crawling out of my skin with boredom and we eventually went to Riley's and then O'Neill's in Moseley to kill a few hours.  The boredom would probably not have been so bad had I not been suffering from PMT and had the weather not been crap ALL WEEK.  I would've been much more inclined to actually, like, do stuff, if it hadn't rained every day.  I couldn't put any washing out, for a start, so couldn't be bothered to do any, and instead spent the entire week pretty much on the internet...  except for Thursday, when we went to visit Jenny.

So, yes, it's been quite annoying.  I guarantee as soon as I'm back at work on Monday the weather will be unbearably hot, just to be annoying.  On Friday night I had to put the bloody heating on...

And yes.  That's about it.

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