T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Hair woes.

Not quite woes, but still.  As anticipated, it looked rubbish this morning post-swimming and post-washing. The wax did nothing except give me a bizarre devil-horns effect and leave my hands greasy all day.  I bought some fibre-putty this evening because I seem to remember that working a little better...

At the very least, everyone at work really liked it and half of them didn't recognise me this morning...

Washed hair again tonight and it's STILL full of horrible waxiness (it's supposed to wash out - WTF?) so I will doubtless wake up with a stupid bed-shaped kink in it in the morning...

I can't win either way, can I?  Hair should be abolished.

In other news, Farscape may be returning in web form via web-based short episodes... Considering my PC is temperamental and everything these days is geared towards owning the most top of the range PC in the universe, this effectively bollockses up my changes of watching, if it's even true.  Skiffy US have apparently signed the deal, but they said that and the end of season 3...

I am possibly too old and embittered these days to be positive about it...
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