T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Note to Self

Self, stop looking on eBay.  You have no money.  You may be permitted to look on eBay on Friday when you have been paid, but for now you must stop looking.  You are skint for a reason.



There's a Creative Zen MicroPhoto (yes, still after that bloody MP3 player) on there for £70, which is more than reasonable.  Also lots and lots of SNES consoles (retrooooo!) for as little as a tenner and lots of games for about a quid each.  I can justify buying a SNES, kind of, but I would rather run the various options by Paul first.  I'm trying to relive my early teens. And of course there's all the prettypretty goth stuff and THEY STILL HAVE THE WONKA COAT!  Except it's now twice the price it used to be...

Also must not look on the Redballs website because they have Jack Sparrow's coat...

Internet, thou'rt evil.
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