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Om gooin' on 'olidee, as they say.


My mum and I are going to Paris in September for 3 days (well, 2.5), staying in the middle of Monmatre (Hotel St George Lafayette), with one day to go to EuroDisney and the second day to explore the city, including a coach tour of illuminated Paris of the evening followed by a show at the Moulin Rouge. :D

(The latter addition was an extravagance, but it's not like you get to do it every year...)

We fly out on Sunday 9th September at about 7.30pm and fly back on Wednesday 12th September at about the same time. Flights £7.99 each way, though with added taxes and extras the entire flight cost about £150. Whole holiday fell in at just over £200 each. Not bad.

We booked it last night after much deliberation about where to stay. The flights were booked from BMI Baby (cheapest we could find - East Midlands to Charles de Gaulle) and the hotel from Expedia - £160 for three nights, breakfast included (!), and it looks pretty. ;) We didn't want to stay in a Novotel or Holiday Inn because they're just ugly... and also more expensive than your bog-standard B&B.

I also investigated how much it would cost to tour either the Opéra (since we're right by it) or Notre Dame, and I'm always surprised by how cheap everything is compared to London. The Opera is €11 and Notre Dame is free to go in (well, it's a church...) with a small extra charge for the towers and treasury. I remember the Eiffel Tower was about €20 to go all the way to the top. It costs you in excess of £20 to get into Madam Tussauds in London... not that I should be surprised, but you know. It makes you think. (Of course, Disney is extortionate, but I'll only have a small case and very little money, and hence Will Not Buy Anything.)

So, yeah. The only bad thing is that EuroDisney are opening their new Tower of Terror ride, but not until January. :( Not that's it's going anywhere, but still. There's a new ride there as part of the Pixar attraction, and the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster was, well, rockin'. ;)

I shall doubtless squee and woot and squ00t further about it nearer to the time.

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