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Various films this weekend.

The weekend was nice.

On Friday, herringprincess texted me whilst I was at the pub asking if I wanted to go to the cinema. Unfortunately I was too tired, but instead Paul and I invited her along to see the Simpsons movie with us.

Due to the blogathon, however, we had to see it very early in the morning so Ali could get back home and start her posting. So we ended up seeing it at 10.50 at Cineworld.

Given that I haven't seen the show in an age (thank you, Virgin Media) getting to see the Simpsons in any form was bloody brilliant. As the Metro stated, it's no better or worse than you would expect from an episode of the show. And, well, you woudn't want anything 'bigger' than the show. It does what it says on the tin - a Simpsons movie. Feature length, better animation, silly post-modern injokes, on a big screen.

My favourite bits were numerous, though I need to see it again to remember all of them. This spoils the majority of the opening credits, so beware.

  1. Ralph singing the 20th Century Fox fanfare. I don't know why, it just amused me.

  2. The opening Itchy & Scratchy 'movie within a movie' with Homer berating the "suckers" for shelling out to see something they can see at home.

  3. Bart's lines on the board reading "I will not illegally download this movie"...

  4. Green Day singing the opening theme with their autocue reading "DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA..."

  5. The sign outside the church reading "Thou shalt turn off thy mobile phone"

  6. The entirely pointless selection of objects concealing Bart's "doodle"... that'll make sense when you see it. And also, in that same sequence, the horrible but still funny "I like men now!" from Ralph.

  7. "Sir, I think you've gone mad with power."

    "Of course I have! Have you ever tried going mad without power? Nobody listens to you!"

    (Which, I now realise, totally has to be an icon.)

  8. "Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig / Does whatever a Spider-Pig does / Can he swing from a web? / No he can't, he's a pig..."

  9. The Gracie Films logo still appearing at the end of the credits. Of course.

I'm sure there were many more than that, but I don't remember the rest. There were the usual silly visual gags (Homer getting crushed between a big boulder and a bar called "A Hard Place", for example) and typical character mannerisms, although there could have been scope for a lot more. There are probably too many incidental / background characters in the show to let the movie focus on all of them, and the story very much revolved around the Simpsons themselves - although given that the other residents of Springfield were ensconced inside a giant glass dome, that's hardly surprising.

There was even a bit where I got quite choked up, which I probably shouldn't admit to, but anyway...

The interesting thing about this was the fact that it didn't mess around introducing the characters. It just lauched straight into it like a regular episode. Such is the popularity and global appeal of The Simpsons that even if you've never watched it, you at least know who they are.

Some bits of animation were really amazing, such as the sweeping opening shots into the various houses of different characters. There was quite an obvious difference in the animation compared to the show, which you probably won't realise until you get home and see a TV episode.

Anyway. All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the film we wandered back down Broad Street and discovered the Peace Gardens, which I'd driven past before without realising what they were. Quite pleasant, and at least it was a nice day.

Then we headed towards the markets to walk Alison to her bus stop, and Paul and I went to Maccy's for lunch (yum, grease), and a couple of pubs. Naturally, due to the good weather, the entire population of Birmingham was out in full force at any pub with a beer garden. Bastards.

We had a little bit of a disagreement on the walk back to the bus stop, whereby I sulked all the way home... We got off the bus at Blockbuster and rented three films for the week: Stranger Than Fiction, Little MIss Sunshine and Pan's Labyrinth.

Watched Stranger Than Fiction of the evening, which was also very good... quite different to what I was expecting, and the featurette on the GUI was informative, though we didn't watch the others. It's strange to see Will Ferrell in a more straight role where he doesn't have to shout to be funny. (Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but he does tend to do that Jim Carrey thing where, if there's no space for insanity, there'll be one scene where he just can't help himself [see: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]...) I would review it, but I think one is enough for this entry.

Sunday we did nothing, really. EastEnders and the usual headache, plus putting the washing out to try in the late afternoon because it apparently wasn't going to rain after all...

Yesterday, I was at work without a cardigan (work cardy in the wash) and frelling freezing. All the other offices are fairly warm, except for ours. So I had to go and buy a cardigan at lunchtime... I was going to anyway, to avoid further lack-of-cardigan episodes, and at £6 from Primark (which was like a bloody zoo) I can hardly complain.

Oh, yes, I bought the MP3 player from eBay on Saturday evening, and now I'm just waiting on delivery. I need to update my Ugly Betty fic (nearly a month!) and start my new POTO fic. And that, I believe, is that.

I was going to post this last night but I forgot to email it home. Also, by the time I'd got back at 5.45 (having left at 4.30!) due to a crash on Alcester Road by the baths (hence putting a damper on swimming, also) it would have been full of ranting about stupid drivers...
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