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My Bank = Dumb.

I just had an email from PayPal informing me that my bank refused the transaction for the MP3 player because it was "disputing the Direct Debit Instruction", whatever that means. Subsequently they have removed the bank account from my details and paid for the purchase using my registered credit card - which is, in fact, my debit card, so the money's going to come out of my account anyway.

So I have to go traipsing to the bank tomorrow to find out what's going on, since the website is supremely unhelpful when it comes to finding out any kind of helpful information... Stupid bank.

As ever, I wrote an entry yesterday and forgot to email it home and now can't be bothered to post it. There's something about the immediacy of LJ which is lacking in written-at-work posts, I think. It was basically a write-up of the weekend, which mostly involved cooking dinner for herringprincess, watching Little Miss Sunshine and almost getting lost on the way to MAC to see Dracula: The Musical... so, the usual, really.

I am currently sort of investigating the cost of a new PC / components. I downloaded and installed XP Service Pack 2 last night (took about 6 hours...) just to get the sodding thing updated. I turned off automatic updates when I came home to dial-up and then forgot to turn them back on again...

Anyway, I should do some work, I suppose.
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