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MORE little annoyances...

1)  I just had to go through all of my "index.html" pages on www.teylaminh.com and delete horrible javascript coding which was trying to make the browser load anomalous pages and slowing everything right down.  Not sure if I can prevent this happening again,or if 34sp.com did it, but I'll just have to keep an eye on it...

2)  My old website at Brinkster has officially disappeared for good due to six months' inactivity.  Bastards.  I don't think they even do free hosting any more.  When I had that site they were free and without advertising, but then realised they couldn't afford it so now charge through the nose for a site which will disappear, content and all, if you don't update it for six months.  What if you're creating a 'static' website that isn't going to change, huh?  Then what?

I do remember telling myself I would go back to it every five months and log in or mess with something just to ensure it didn't get deleted, but then must have forgotten, and it doesn't help that I can't remember which bloody email address I used with it and that they more than likely wouldn't warn me...

It looks, through some investigation, that I've lost all the content I wanted to keep, such as my Little Shop write-ups and suchlike, although I seem to still have all the pictures... This is most odd, because I'm very sure I created those offline before uploading.  Might have to investigate zip discs.

Bugger.  Brinkster are on my list...

Edit @ 20.32: Well, I found the Little Shop write-ups as a Word document in a very unlikely place... so that's something.
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