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I should be getting a new PC, hopefully at the end of August.  There's a place by Paul's work that does reconditioned machines (previously from Wolverhampton City Council) for as little as £50, with decent spec.  The estimate for what I want was about £100, and they'll swap my fully working other drives for free. So, yay.

Of course, by 'decent spec', I mean, 'able to run XP without slowing to a crawl'.  I'm surprised it's even lasted this long without the processor committing suicide...

Must phone mum in a bit and find out what's happening today / tomorrow, and wrap her present/s.

Having more than six hours sleep makes all those little annoying things from this week considerably less annoying.  For example, even though I had to stay late on Friday because the entire working day comprised urgent work and amendments, so the actual new work kept piling up, at least I get some flex out of it...

And that's about it.  Should be a nice quiet weekend, and in terms of laundry, as the Klingons might say: "Today is a good day to dry..."
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