T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Bank Holiday Weekend

In all the new computer / functional scanner excitement, I forgot to update on my weekend.

So, over the weekend, I went to a barbecue at mums, along with Paul, his mum, and my nan and uncle. Quite a pleasant affair, lovely food, nice weather, generally a nice day. We spent quite a bit of time looking through books of photos of Birmingham from the 60s, which was quite interesting...

It got a bit chilly in the evening, still, and of course the weather didn't last and I was wearing a coat again by Tuesday. Bloody stupid summer.

On the evening we also watched Children of Men, which was very good indeed. Need to watch it again because I think I lost the plot somewhere in the middle... I'm not entirely sure where the whole 'ethnic cleansing' element came from and I don't think it was ever explained, but then, neither was the infertility of women...

I like the dystopian vision of the future a lot. LIke, there are still petrol-guzzling buses in 2027, but they have moving adverts on the side. I especially love that the human race no longer has any reason to preserve the world for its future offspring and so has no qualms about ripping it apart or blowing it up. That message was quite powerful. I mean, if there's nobody to show it to, you might as well destroy it.

My favourite bit was a long continuous shot in the last half of the film, whilst the hero is trying to protect the pregnant woman (it was late, I can't remember anyone's names). The camera's lens is spattered with blood, and the next five or ten minutes are done as one continuous shot. It gives it a very up-close-and-personal, almost documentary feel.

I don't remember much else, but came away from it feeling quite bleak and thoughtful.

It's a film that makes you think, most definitely. We need more dystopian future visions. They're far more likely than flying cars and everything being silver...

Apart from that, I've spent my weekend backing up files (unnecessarily, as it transpired) and doing lots of embroidery. My stained glass rose cross-stitch is now very nearly complete. A few more shades of red and then the black outlining and it's finished. I wish my scanner had worked whilst I was doing it because then I would have scanned the progress and made a funky animation, but I shall instead scan the finished product... then there's just the problem of getting it framed. And hanging it on our cardboard walls...

New scanner = pointless image spam. Be warned. :D
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