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I suppose it's expecting too much that I install something and it works for more than a day...

PCI card failed to function at all yesterday for no apparent reason, after working fine the entire of Saturday after I'd installed it. The only thing I did was change the USB permissions to try and get my MP3 player to work, so I changed them back to how they were, just in case, but no joy. I uninstalled and reinstalled the thing in the Device Manager, again to no avail. It found it just fine, said it was there, but "this device cannot start", apparently...

Meh. Paul's going to talk to the bloke at the shop to find out what's going on.

As to the MP3 player, after six hours of charging at the wall, it has just enough battery to start up, which is something. Except now I've solved that problem I can't do anything with it anyway because the bloody USB doesn't work.


Is it too much to ask that something just works for once?

I paid £80 for the MP3 player, which was half the original retail price. Given that since then I've had to pay £75 for an entirely new PC and £14 for a now non-functional USB 2.0 PCI card, I might as well either paid full price or bought a brand new one (with less known problems, if the Creative forums are any indication) for the same money and not had these problems... I didn't really WANT to have to get a new PC, quite frankly, even though I will admit that the old one was deathly slow and probably about to commit suicide, and now the upshot of all this is that I can't even upload a new playlist to my OLD MP3 player (which I've had for four years with no problems) until I rejig the stuff plugged into the USB 1.1 ports. I have my mouse and keyboard in those, and luckily enough I have an adapter so I can plug the mouse into an old-fashioned mouse port, so I can at least plug my old USB hub into the other one and use my old player...

I wish I'd never heard about Creative MicroPhoto MP3 players, and then none of this would have happened. All I wanted was one with more capacity which looked pretty. Its hardly worth all this bloody hassle.

Aside from that annoyance, Sunday was generally annoying anyway. I woke up with a headache which permeated at least until I went to bed again, although it did gradually subside during the day. I suspect the under-the-cut stress didn't help. I'm getting a bit sick of suffering headaches at the weekend, because they effectively debilitate me from being even slightly motivated. Also, the laundry is piling up because the weather's been too crap to even consider putting it outside to dry. In an effort to solve this problem, obviously, I merely bought a bigger laundry basket. :P

Also, we made a flying visit to Paul's mum' s to pick up his All Saints voucher, as the old All Saints (City Plaza) was having a three-day sale to get rid of old stock. As City Plaza is being refurbed and House of Fraser now sell All Saints clothing, it's hardly surprising it's closed down, not to mention the much bigger store in the Bull Ring. Anyway, we picked up the voucher and trekked into town on Sunday service public transport, only to to be told that the voucher "wasn't valid" and could only be used in a "real store". Um? You have 'All Saints' above your window and you sell All Saints clothing - why are you not a 'real store'?

So, having failed in that mission we headed towards the Pavillions because Paul had apparently read that HMV (or Virgin) were having a 5-DVDs-for-£20 sale. As it turned out, Virgin were doing five for £30, and HMV were doing five for £20. HMV won, although the choice was a bit rubbish. We left with Pan's Labyrinth, Sin City and A Scanner Darkly.

And then, by the time we had dinner, my stomach was feeling unwell so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have done. Which was rubbish.

We ended the evening by watching the new reality series on C4, Dumped (even though all the posters claim it starts on Tuesday...), and that was about it.

Oh, and also on Saturday we watched Broken Flowers, which was a very strange film indeed...

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