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Last night there was a spider in our living room AS BIG AS MY HEAD.

All right, I exaggerate...

But there I was, happily watching Extreme Makeover UK (there was literally nothing else on, and I was killing time before bed) whislt Paul sat next to me and rambled drunkenly. I didn't even see the whole spider, just a general, brown-coloured movement on the sofa by the window, and Paul's eyes widening in horror.

I have never moved so fast in my entire life... That was the biggest spider I've seen since we've lived in the flat - most of the others are average-sized and run away to live in the curtains, but this one was about an inch across, from what I could tell. This one is currently hiding somewhere behind the sofa - Paul has instructions to get rid of it whilst I'm out if it shows up again.

Bloody HELL.

September is usually cranefly weather. I'm hoping, as it hasn't been that warm this year, that the bastard creatures will forget to come out of hibernation and my September will be phobia-free. There has been a welcomed lack of moth-like activity this year, for which I am grateful. The poo weather has that redeeming feature, at least.

But yeah. Giant spiders = not fun. *shudders*

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