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Nostalgia and whatnot.

Garfield: His 9 Lives arrived for me yesterday. :)

We had food at the pub because, well, it'd been a while, and watched the new sketch show on E4, Dog Face, which was very strange indeed...

Later that I evening I went to bed and watched the Garfield video to wallow in childhood nostalgia. I remembered more of it than I'd originally thought, as it turned out (even reading some of the quotes on IMDb jogged some memories), and the piano-cat animation, "Diana's Piano", STILL makes me bloody cry.


I think it's the combination of the old cat's death and the piano aspect, to be honest. There's something very touchingly sad about it, and the style of the animation compliments it. "Diana's Piano" is Garfield's fourth life, and he is the eponymous Diana. Diana is given, as a kitten, to a girl called Sarah as an eighth birthday present, along with some piano lessons. Sarah becomes an excellent pianist and forms a special relationship with her cat, moves away to college, comes back, marries, takes Diana with her, etc. At the end of the short animation, Sarah can tell that Diana isn't feeling well so puts her on top of the piano and plays her an entire concert before bed. In the night, Diana struggles down onto the keyboard and, as it says, "quietly passed away".

It's horrendously sad. :( I mean, most of the various Garfield incarnations end up dead in the animation, but in silly cartoon ways - crushed by a tree ("Cave Cat"), buried under a pile of bricks ("Stunt Kat") or blown to smithereens ("Space Cat"). "Diana's Piano" is the only one that hints of some realism and it hurts. As I mentioned also, the animation is very different; it's very much like a series of stills put together that resemble pastel drawings.

The odd thing is, I used to watch my original copy of this video lots of times as a child and it didn't start affecting me until much later on, when I was about 9 or 10, I think. As with The Land Before Time, I was hoping that by the age of 25 I would have got over whatever emotional mess-ups caused the original upset and be more able to cope with it... but as it turns out, I didn't. I could put it down to some kind of bizarre 'muscle-memory' due to nostalgia, but it still doesn't properly explain it... But yeah. Crying at cartoons. Fun.

(The most annoying thing? The majority of movies that make me cry involve some form of parental death. The cat/piano thing is just ODD. It actually makes MORE sense for it to affect me NOW than it did THEN. Ah well.)

No work in here again today. It will doubtless pick up again after lunch - or during lunch, as has been the practice all week - and I'll end up staying late. But no matter, for I am off next week.

I shall have some lunch shortly and then try to entertain myself for a bit. TGIF, that's what I think.
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