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I am back from Paris. Er, obviously.

I'm also very glad I booked these extra two days off, if only becuase our bloody flight home was delayed by about three hours, so instead of leaving at 7.25 it was more like 10.40. The French being French, there was no announcement until the time it was meant to depart, each time... Subsequently I didn't get home until about midnight (luckily the time difference meant I gained an hour) which was a little annoying, as it meant what few euros I had left after the holiday were used up buying food at the airport.

Incidentally, Charles de Gaulle airport is like a space station. It's terrifying...

I will do a full write up at some point (most likely when I have the 300+ photos and video footage to share; YouTube here I come...) but for now:

Monday: EuroDisney. Queued over an hour for Crush's Coaster, rest of day spent walking and watching the parades. Feet in agony as a result.

Tuesday: wandering around Paris, including a nun-on-a-phone (hotline to Jesus) in Sacre Coeur, box five at the Palais Garnier (OMG squeedeath!), Notre Dame and chickening out because of the steps (maybe next time), and more aching feet. Of the evening was a coach tour of illuminated Paris and a show at the Moulin Rouge, which was good but not worth the £65 we paid for it...

Wednesday: slow ambling around the city, starting with trying to find a museum mentioned the night before and ending up at the Pompidou Centre (wrong place), followed by a slow walk to Hotel de Ville metro station and onwards to the Place de la Concorde, with a ferris wheel ride and a peaceful stroll through the Tuileries gardens to the Louvre, which is massive. The back to the hotel to reshuffle the contents of cases, and the train journey back to the airport.

All in all, thoroughly enjoyable. The backs of my legs and the balls of my feet still aching, but that's what two solid days of walking will do to you, I suppose. It's not so much the walking as the standing around. Annoyingly, we also discovered on Wednesday that guided, English-spoken tours of the Palais Garnier happen on Wednesdays... given that every website I found said something different each time, there was no way I could have known this. Nevertheless, it was amazing to be there... despite the annoying Californians who, more than likely, expected to meet the Phantom or at least see the chandelier come crashing. The woman was botoxed to within an inch of her life. Terrifying.

So the only bad thing really was the delayed flight out. I wonder exactly how it is possible to delay an hour-long flight by three hours, but apparently it got delayed at Malaga or somewhere and then had technical difficulties at East Midlands. Oh well.

Right, as the sun is shining I shall put out the first batch of washing.

Oh, yes. And the weather was GORGEOUS.
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