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Moseley Road Baths

This is specifically FAO of herringprincess but it's quite interesting for anyone who's ever wondered what goes on at Moseley Road Baths...

I went googling earlier just to find out more information and the last news I can find was November 2006, when a historical and structural survey was undertaken of the buliding in order to apply for Lottery funding to refurbish it. No idea if that happened, but at the moment only the 'second class' pool is used as a public swimming pool. Which is rather a shame.

I am fascinated by the building and was therefore very pleased to discover the blog of then-Councillor for Moseley and Kings Heath, Martin Mullaney, including videos on YouTube, exploring and explaining about the building's original features and its restoration.

They're in the right-hand menu, about halfway down.


(The blog also has other links regarding Moseley and Kings Heath, if you're interested.)
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