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Wispas, and Birthday Weekend Numero Un.

Can anyone explain why Wispas are being advertised as an 80s thing? I can clearly remember eating one when I was 16, and that Cadbury's also temporarily brought out a special one with rice krispies and caramel in it, which was advertised by Ant and Dec, who summarily are not from the 80s.

Is it so that people our age (i.e. mid-20s) can go up to small children and say things like "Ah, young fellow-me-lad, I remember them from when you were nowt but a notion"? Because these days, that's more likely to get us a kick in the shins and some vulgar language...

Anyway, yes, hurrah for Wispas being back. I can't comprehend why Cadbury's decided to stop making them anyway, as they were easily their best product. The confectionary market needs more things with bubbles in. All that bollocks about waiting for the bubbles to melt in Aeros is, well, bollocks. You'll die of old age waiting for Aero bubbles to melt. Now, Wispa bubbles - that's a different matter. :D

So, yes, anyway, this weekend Paul, my mum, David and I went to the Safari Park.

I haven't been to the Safari Park for YEARS. I mean, literally. I think I was about 12 the last time I went, maybe younger.

It wasn't too busy, considering, which was nice. The only times we were really queueing in the reserves was for the big cats, especially the white lions. I can't really say much about it, to be honest, but I'll post some photos when I have them, as there were just under 100.

Personal favourite moments, though:

In the tiger pen (I say 'pen', it's really a big field behind a fence) there was one tiger prowling alongside the fence, clearly having spotted something. We moved forward a bit, and there was a white tiger on the other side of the fence doing the exact same thing. Tiger testosterone. :)

Various animals holding up traffic by wandering into the road. "This is MY road. You will wait for ME."

Giraffes sticking their heads through people's sunroofs.

In the ordinary (i.e. brown) lion enclosure, not two feet from the patrol warden, David rolled the window down so that the camera would stop focussing on the window. Two seconds later, said patrol warden said "Can you roll your window back up please..." It was the timing more than anything else...

Elephant stripping a twig of some bark by wedging it between his trunk and his tusk...

Once out of the reserve we also saw the sealion theatre (I vaguely remember that from when I was a kid, although they've changed the decor now...) and visited the Twilight Cave, which was AMAZING. It's full of free-flying bats! If you stand still they fly close enough to almost clip you. It was difficult to kerb my instinctive "flappy thing! argh!" reaction (they move exactly like butterflies or moths and you can't really see them properly) but it was very cool nonetheless. We also spotted a lemur-like thing called an aye-aye, which Paul was fascinated with, and subsequently we bought a stuffed one to put on our Animal Banister.

The hippo lake was good, too, if smelly. Hippos are very strange creatures. So are giraffes, for that matter.

Also during the course of the day, Paul and I had a go on one of those climbing walls. There was a three-minute time limit to get to the top and ring the bell to win a prize... Paul got halfway up and then looked down and panicked - I didn't even get that far, as there weren't enough footholds. I think if I'd had a better wall I would have been okay... My arms are still aching. I think proved that climbing would be brilliant exercise, although also that I appear to suck at it...

All in all, quite enjoyable.

We had decided to go to That Mexican Place for a meal in the evening, but for some reason the queues to get into Star City were massive and we couldn't get near the place. I suspect there may have been something going on for Eid, but haven't checked the website yet... So instead we went to a pub in Romsley which was VERY NICE, although the starters were far too big. I had salmon and broccoli fishcakes to start, followed by a 12oz steak... possibly a tad greedy, but I do like steak...

We got back and watched a bit of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups on Channel 4 (when are people going to realise that JIMMY CARR IS NOT FUNNY!?) and went to bed, knackered, at 11.30.

Had a very nice breakfast the following morning and then left about middayish to go and see Paul's mum... she thought my birthday was today (it's tomorrow) and was planning on surprising me by coming over, except I wouldn't have been in anyway... just as well we rang, really. She cooked us Sunday dinner and then we made tracks back home just in time for 'Stenders'...

A nice weekend, really, if a little tiring. Over the course of us being out Lisa's dad had come to re-do our piss-poor attempt at pinning up the ethernet cable, putting our effort to shame, but at least it's out of the way and not an eyesore now, and we have extra cable should we decide to move the PC...

The next few weekends are going to be hectic, to say the least... next week is birthday drinks, then it's Bonfire Night a few weeks later, and then I need to start thinking about Christmas. As I'm losing Christmas Eve as my last-minute shopping day, I need to be uber-organised this year, so I intend to start in November. I was hoping to have plenty of money to spare by now, but unfortunately it hasn't happened... just as well I don't have many presents to buy.

I promise at some point in the future to be a Good Friend and buy everyone presents. Until then, I remain skint.

I have a headache today, for no apparent reason, but at least my stomach is recovering... it was making "something has died in your intestines" noises again last night. At least I'm off from Wednesday...

Oh, yes, and last night I watched The Lady in the Water, which I thought was quite good. I liked the typical M. Night Shayamalan thing of not quite seeing the monster in full for a while, as the first time it appeared was bloody terrifying. I ended up dreaming about it last night except it seemed a lot more foreboding. The only bit I specifically remember was trying to hide the Narf from the Scrunt in our attic by covering her in boxes whilst I went to work... I woke up feeling quite uneasy, even though I don't think the Scrunt ever made an appearance.

I should get on with typing this letter...
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