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Sandra-gate: A Missing Chapter.

I'm going through old posts and tagging with a "ye faga of sandra" tag on approrpiate entries. In the process, I came across this throwaway comment without any explanation, in an entry on 15 August 2006:

...As for work, I'm adopting a strategy with Sandra of not giving a shit...

I can actually still remember the incident which provoked that comment, so here it is...

This was shortly after I'd come back from my long-term sick leave (glandular fever), as I recall, and since I had more than enough of my own work to do, and because I was leaving in a month's time, I was pretty much just... ignoring her to the best of my ability.

That morning, Amanda had phoned in sick. I dutifully wrote it on the whiteboard in bright red letters.

Obviously, I didn't tell Sandra when she arrived because she didn't talk to me.

So, later in the morning, someone wanted minutes taking, and she asked me where Amanda was.

"Oh, she called in sick this morning."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

*shrugs* "I wrote it on the board." *gesticulates in general direction of board, continues ignoring Sandra*

I could sense the complete incredulity on her face, but it felt good. It may only have been a tiny victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.

One day, I really hope someone just kicks her arse into gear. Or, you know, just kicks her arse in general...

In other news, this evening after swimming I tried some Powerade, which was surprisingly nice...
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