T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Nothing Particularly Interesting.

I've put in a request for some leave, but I can tell it's probably going to be just as much of a hassle as Christmas...

Firstly, 14 and 15 February, so I can have Valentine's Day and the Friday afterwards off work. Alas, it's also half term, and Noor is also off for her last week of three weeks' leave then... Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem, but we shall see...

Secondly, I've tried to get the week before Easter off, from 17-20 March. Good Friday is 21 March and hence a Bank Holiday, and then the following Monday, and we have a concessionary day on the Tuesday which I have also asked for. Easter is more than likely going to be a problem because:

a) it's at the end of the financial year, hence everyone will be trying to use their leave up.
b) one of the WPOs wants to book a holiday over Easter so we've all had to think that far ahead to make sure she can have it
c) it's also a school holiday; childcare gets priority over exhaustion, I imagine.

So I more than likely won't get it.

Although having said that, when we had the Easter discussion at the team meeting, I did SAY I'd probably have the week before off, so hopefully it'll be on record somewhere.

And Marie is on leave this week so I have to wait until next week and hope that nobody sidewinds my leave request with their own with one of the secretaries in her absence...

Guh, booking leave should not be this stressful.

I have nothing else remotely interesting to say, other than I'm tired and there's no work and I'm stuck here for another SIX HOURS before I can leave because it's choir night. it's also another hour until I can go on lunch at 1.00. I hate Tuesdays.

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