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To-Do List for Weekend + Ponderings

This is mostly a reminder to myself of things I need to try and get done this Saturday and/or Sunday... In no particular order:

1. Clean top of fridge, kitchen floor and top shelf of corner cupboard. Maybe put up old towel rail in readiness for getting utensil S-hooks from my mum at some point.

2. Go to Somerfield for detergent, softener, Vanish tabs, filo pastry, onion rings and probably some other bits.

3. Go to Cash Converters to see what they have in the way of DS games.

4. Find boiled sweets and food colouring (possibly).

5. Make biscuits and cake (pending on food colouring being found).

6. Make new LJ layout.

7. Some memes?

I think that's more than enough.

I am feeling better today. PMT all over. Subsequently feeling EMPOWERED and PRODUCTIVE, hence the above.

Yesterday, after struggling for five hours with feeling homicidal and distinctly unwell, I left work at 4.45 and did nothing all evening (for a change), and have subsequently managed to finish the first disc (of four) of the Pink Panther cartoon collection. Only another 80 or so to go... it's weird, I can still remember some of them quite vividly from childhood, and I'm wondering if the blue aadvark will make an appearance later on, or if he was a spin off of his own...

As to item 6, I don't know what to make a layout of... trying to make my old Phantom one work for the new monitor was annoying (it doesn't work at all with S2 because they anticipate people wanting their entry boxes either on the left, on the right, or slap bang in the middle, not slightly to the right... and there's only an option for adjusting the top margin. God, I hate S2. Or, well, I hate Tabular Indent in S2...)

So, anyway, rambling aside, what should I do a layout of? I kept intending to do a Charlie one for ages, so maybe I'll do that. All suggestions gratefully received...

I have my PDR and 1:1 on Wednesday... should probably get on to filling out the PDR form, really...

I think I might bring up the fact that lately, my PMT is getting more and more debilitating each month (not physically - the pain starts afterwards - but mentally), and that it may be better for me not to be at work. If yesterday, not to mention last month, is anything to go by, being at work just makes me more depressed and pissed off than I already am by that point, and there's no point being productive if you're hating every minute of it. Plus it didn't help that my stomach was being generally odd yesterday as well. (I just wish they'd hurry up and change the sickness policy so it's a bit more friendly, otherwise I'll have a NOC within 3 months...)

It's weird, though. Like, today I feel fine, the massive pressure is gone from my skull. Yesterday I wanted to pick fights with people and throw a tantrum and hide under a rock for a while until the world went away, and it felt almost as horrible as it ever has. I am entirely certain that if I were to stop taking the Pill, at least at this stage in my life, I would relapse something chronic, and that my hormones are determined to gang up on me at the earliest opportunity. It's probably just as well I'm not remotely ready to have children yet, because I've seen the results of forgetting to take the Pill for two days, and it's really unpleasant.

I remember quite specifically going for the counselling route in the first place because I didn't want to start treating the depression or lowness or whatever it may have been with pills before finding out if there was a readily-solvable cause. Also, I really dislike having to take pills regularly (contraceptive pills are okay because they're small) because I have trouble swallowing them the majority of the time.

I had some kind of breakthrough just before Christmas 2005, which I now realise was when I started taking the Pill. It controls my hormones, and hence keeps my emotions in check, except for about two days out of every month. I can deal with that, I think. I'm only worried because the black days just before my period starts are getting blacker and harder to deal with... I imagine all the stress about money isn't helping. So, once again, when I get myself back on track, here's hoping things start looking brighter again...

Retrospect is an odd thing, isn't it?

Anyway. PDR is now done (pointless bloody thing), I've emailed my run-up-to-Christmas calendar thing home, and now I shall post this and find something to do for the next half an hour. Woo, Friday.
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