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It's not too much to expect, is it, to buy something and expect it to work?

I didn't think so.

PC is still giving me lots of grief. About eight attempts just now to get it to start up with fully functional mouse and keyboard, but it's slowed to an agonising crawl and my MP3 player still doesn't work.

It IS connected, dammit...

This all boils down, basically, to two things:

1) I should never have bought this STUPID MP3-player in the first place
2) The bloke at the PC shop is lazy, and quite possibly a rip-off merchant. Although he was at least apparently in today, and said that if we do change the video card it won't void the warranty, which is something.

Given that all the PCs he sells are the exact same spec as the BCC computers, and most likely therefore the same as Wolverhampton City Council also, where he gets them from and reconditions them, it seems more than likely that all he does is format the hard drive and stick a DVD drive in them.

I want my old PC back. It may have been slow, but at least it bloody well worked.

On the plus side, I have one less thing to worry about - Marie spoke to us all individually today about the Pay and Grading results, and I won't be losing any money. In fact I'll be staying on the same level, with the potential to go up to about 16.5K at the top of it, and with an additional 5 days of leave to take. Actually, it works out as 9 days, because they're taking away the extra statutory days and the concessionaries and adding them to our leave... so officially I have 29 days of leave per year to use up, which is quite nice...

But alas, I am still currently broke, and cannot afford a(nother) new PC.

*kicks PC hard*

PS: Yahoo works at work, apparently, and also marginally faster in Firefox, but is still refusing to load emails. I'm utterly stumped.

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