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The usual Tuesday post...

...in that, once again, we've run out of work pretty much everywhere. It's always on a Tuesday for some reason... as soon as I want to leave early, there's bloody loads. :P

I had one of those mornings today...

The bus driver, for starters, was a little over enthusiastic with the brake pedal for the entire journey... and also, the bus was incredibly full from Moseley onwards (glad I don't have to get the bus from there; Kings Heath can be bad enough some mornings) and yet the driver persisted in letting massive groups of people on when there were clearly no seats.

Nothing is as bad as the 101 in that respect, which would usually be full when I got on (about 10 stops from town) and then the driver would let full stops of people on it for the next four stops. It was usually a relief to get off, but didn't help that the bloody thing was always delayed...

So, after enduring the Journey of Certain Death, I proceeded to get off the bus and step in someone's freshly-discarded chewing gum. NICE. My shoe has been sticking to my foot-pedal all morning.

Swimming was random last night. I did two of my lengths in back-stroke rather than breast-stroke (which I still suck horribly at) and we spent rather too long regarding the ceiling upside down at the deep end... er, best not to ask.

I also finished annotating my choir music last night so at least that's done now. The last couple of concerts I've pretty much relied on memory because I always forget to take a pencil to rehearsal with me...

Here is a to-do list for the near future. I highly doubt I'll get any of the non-choir-related things done, but here it is anyway:

In no particular order:

  • Draw out £20 for second concert dress instalment. Make envelope to put it in first.

  • Hand in music form.

  • Find Carols for Choir Book 1... (It was on the bookcase after all...)

  • Saturday: listen to CDs, namely the new Katie Melua, Serenada Schizophrena, and Messiah in preparation for the concert. Edit: And MP3-ise the recording of Zadok the Priest to enable learning.

  • At some point: start my Star Trek fanfiction page on the website, as I have a clear plan for that already.

  • Make new LJ layout. I want to do either Jonathan Creek or Team Rocket from Pokemon... can't decide which.

  • Start re-writing old Trekfic into prose format. Possibly get around to finishing that "Bohemian" four-parter...

  • Finish Ugly Betty fic; upload next chapter soon.

  • Tweak Phantom fic to desirable standard and post first chapter.

  • Watch stuff on DVD and video, dammit. I still have nine seasons-worth of The X-Files to get through... (the repeats on Living don't count. :P)

  • Christmas stuff.

I think that'll do for now.

Most of the above will inevitably be thwarted by the PC throwing a wobbly, of course.

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