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Because I can...

I ended up not leaving work until 5.10 today due to an urgent for the team next door. Also didn't get very much work done at all today because of two separate team meetings, the first of which involved WPOs moaning (as usual) and the second of which involved me shouting at fee earners for not putting the date and time on their instruction sheets. And also Kate being bitchy about our saving system, which was funny.

Upon getting home I sat down and tried to make Christmas cards, covering the carpet in glitter in the process. I suspect it's actually old body glitter of my mum's as it's very fine and went everywhere, but anyway, at least now the rest of my glitter is accessible, for what it's worth. I have learnt that Pritt Stick is crap and cutting holes in card is impossible without a craft knife, which obviously I can't find, and the end result is a couple of crappy mock-ups that look like they were made by a four-year-old.

So I'll be buying cards again this year. I seem to be severely lacking the creativity department of late, and now have several different coloured bits of quite expensive, good quality card to use up (blule, green, brown, red, marble-effect, and some of that semi-transparent stuff) that I bought last year with the intention - again - of making cards before realising all of the aforementioned above.

Afterwards, I got my rubber stamp "Face Case" set out, and made some silly pictures of people / movie characters, for your enjoyment...

Before anyone moans that they're unflattering, understand that I was working with a rather varied and odd selection of body pieces, 10 colours, and the aforesaid lack of creativity. Also, here's the one I did of me, just to get people in the mindset.

I don't know why I gave myself a beak - none of the noses were even close.


The "breeead" is from my birthday drinks a couple of years ago when she was full of chips and needed bread to soak up the grease...

*ahem* Yeah. Sorry.

I saw those lips and just had to.


Not quite sure why he has Mickey Mouse hands, but anyway...

When this PC works, it runs much better than the old one. It just takes 8 attempts to get it started... which hasn't helped my headache in the slightest. And it's bloody cold in the corridor, so I'm going back into the living room.
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