T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

A Long and Multifarious Entry About Nothing in Particular

Today there is an Away Day for Legal Services, so we have a skeleton staff base of the WPOs, secretaries, clericals and a few random fee earners (in here, we have one Legal Assistant and one Senior Solicitor). It's going to be a very quiet day. So obviously, I'm writing an LJ entry.

This weekend was quite hectic, but enjoyable. On Friday night, we had the usual fare of television... though unfortunately, thanks to Channel Four not bothering to compete with Children in Need last week, the UK are now a full two weeks behind the US with regards to Ugly Betty, rather than one week. Whilst this is still better than being months behind, it does make the spoiler temptation rather worse, as there are (admittedly hidden beneath LJ-cuts) discussion entries over on daniel_betty which are impossible to avoid, and besides that, the episode summaries (and titles, more often than not) give away more than they should...

But anyway, it's all good. Also, Thursday night's Boosh was bloody brilliant, but I've always liked Inner Space and the "You shall not pass!" made me giggle. Also, I'm quite terrified by how much a bit of makeup and a beehive haircut can make Noel Fielding look like Amy Winehouse... (And I'm still totally crushing Noel Fielding; as ever, it's a cheekbone thing. Or a generalised angular face thing.)

Also on Friday I made the nicest lasagne ever. I made the bolognese sauce, and the white sauce was from a jar (need to learn to make it), and put in a layer of cheesy brocolli, and WOW. My Secret IngredientTM really makes all the difference. YUM.

So, anyway, weekend.

On Saturday morning, my mum and David brought over our 'new' oven (by which I mean, their old one). Paul then had to go out and buy a set of pliers, because the cable was bolted to our old one, leading us to further suspect it to be as old as the previous boiler, if not older... Anyway, other than that it was quite straightforward, it works fine, and David also sealed our kitchen sink at the back, so hopefully that'll stop it leaking...

The rest of the day was spent getting veg and meat and picking up my prescription from Boots, which I'd dropped off on Friday. Whilst I was there on Friday I also investigated their anti-perspirant aisle to see if they had anything remotely useful for my apparent hyper-hydrosis (i.e. excessive sweating). I've tried Mitchum, Sure and Sanex 48-hour anti-perspirants to no avail, and the only thing which seemed to work was Driclor, a rather noxious prescribed anti-perspirant containing aluminium chloride that I had to put on at night and which stung like WHOA. So, at Boots I picked up something called "Pit Rok", a natural mineral deodorant which acts as a bacterial suppressant. I only realised yesterday that it doesn't specify being an anti-perspirant, but so far, so good...

The rest of the day was spent tidying, hoovering and dusting in preparation for Jen and Dave coming over for dinner on Sunday, and also rearranging the kitchen appliances a little bit to try and make more room. Not sure if it worked, but anyway, it looks a bit better, and at least the breadbin won't get covered in washing-up water all the time.

On Sunday morning Paul nearly set fire to the hob by turning on the wrong hotplate whilst the cover was still on... The covers are new, unfortunately, and one of them is now an interesting shade of dark grey. Bah.

After Paul had done the washing up I set about making a batch of (Irish) Yorkshire puddings (secret family recipe...), as we've run out. Unfortunately, I'd mixed the batter before I realised I'd run out of suet, so had to send Paul out to Sainsbury's for some more... and then I didn't put enough milk in the mixture anyway, so they were a bit dry...

Jen and Dave (and Lisa) arrived at about 3.30, bearing Christmas gifts and a wedding invitation, and we had a very nice dinner at 4.00 of roast pork with all the trimmings, followed by a home-made apple crumble made by Lisa. The rest of the evening was then spent playing Pictionary and Zobmongo, a strange "would you rather" game involving predicting what your team-mates would say... Most bizarre. Jen won both games, incidentally... I think it's a fix. :P

After they'd gone at about 10.00pm, I read through Paul's work report thing and inserted appropriate commas (his colleague needs some report-writing lessons, by the looks of things, not to mention some grammar skills) and then we went to bed.

All in all, quite an enjoyable, if tiring, weekend. Next weekend I really need to start thinking about sorting out Christmas, given it's only a couple of weeks until the Messiah and carol concerts (my voice is almost back to normal, thankfully) and then the day itself will be upon us. Meh. Being off sick the other week completely threw me off kilter. I will attempt Christmas cards again this week, possibly after I've tried to buy a craft knife... I got some PVA glue, so that's a start.

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