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Random Inspiration

My brain works in very strange ways sometimes... I seem to have been inspired all the way to work this morning, both in terms of photography and writing. If I ever manage to get a new camera I will remember to take it with me wherever I go...

There's a building on the Alcester Road that sits in front of the old bus depot (now Epic Climbing Centre / Skate Park), which is entirely boarded up and mostly covered in advertising hoarding. Above the main door (in the middle of the frontage) there's a round window on the top floor with the glass divided into nine by leading, the middle of which was smashed, and out of which a pigeon was keeping watch.

It looks like there's a whole nest of pigeons in there, as it happens, but that one shot would have made a pretty good photograph...

Would have been tricky from the bus, though, I imagine...

This idea pretty much came out of nowhere... I spent most of yesterday working on some prose for Reclamation as there was no work to do (and again today, for the meantime) and was struck with a little idea for the bit I'm working on that may redeem one of the minor characters slightly, though I'm not sure yet...

So, after that, I happened to glance at the Metro of the person next to me and glimpsed a headline along the lines of "Sixth Mystery Suicide in Sleepy Village". My immediate thought was "That would make a good story, I should write it." My second thought was "I'm rubbish at mysteries." My third thought was "But I can turn it into Jonathan Creek!"

And then I gave up entirely on the mystery idea and verged off into my usual fare of character exploration, and decided to expand on my "Thin Blue Line" drabble from a few months ago [here] and turn it into a full-blown story, which was my original intention when I had the idea for it...

It would more than likely involve some re-watching of the episodes to catch the brief mentions of Jonathan and Maddy's parents respectively (the bits about Maddy are pretty much etched into my memory (they are good fic fodder) but I need to brush up on Jonathan), and then the fic would explore their own experiences of parenting.

And all this stemmed basically from the ridiculously adorable image of Jonathan trying to persuade Maddy to keep the baby, and then he can (in her words) turn it into an apprentice magician or his assistant. :)

The majority of it coalesced in my brain this morning on the way to work, which was an enlightening and marvellous experience, as it's been a very, very long time since I had an entire story build itself from nothing.

I am notoriously horrible at finishing JC stories, though, so I hold out no hope of it being completed, if it even gets off the ground.

I've got lots of fic snippets lying around on my PC at work, from original fiction to Buffy bits. There are entire chapters / parts of chapters for "Whisper" (POTO - still not ready for human consumption), a bit of a Sunset fic that I've also started at home, and the ongoing next chapter for my Ugly Betty fic, which I should really finish - there's nothing worse than starting your new fandom notoriety by not finishing something. ;)

So, yes. Quite odd. Except now I have work to do, so I'll post this at lunchtime, go find the drabble, and maybe make a start later before choir.
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